i61 winners roundup: MnM, ViM, Vexed & more

vim esports win i61 1

As the final Insomnia of the year has come to an end, we look back on the winners of the BYOC tournaments and UK Masters at i61 (not including the intermediate/community/minor competitions).

UK Masters

The UK Masters finals in LoL and CSGO concluded last Friday.
In LoL, MnM gaming played against excel esports in the grand final. The series was very close with xL winning two games first, but it was MnM who were able to capitalise and take two games (winning the series 3-2, thanks to an automatic 1-0 coming from the winners’ bracket).

Shortly after that, CeX and Endpoint played in the CSGO grand final. Endpoint began their series with a one-point advantage and went 3-0 after playing Mirage and Overpass. This was a mix of Endpoint and Fish 123 competing in the final, with Epsilon player Smooya also playing with his former team Endpoint.


BYOC Major Tournaments

Vexed climbed hard against some of the more successful UK CSGO orgs in the final portions of this CSGO tournament. CeX had been on the rise through UK Masters and Reason has gained lots of experience in the Gfinity elite Series. However, this did not phase the Vexed team that took the final against Reason 3-1.
1st Vexed GG
2nd Reason Gaming
3rd CeX

It looked like MnM were set for yet another League of Legends LAN victory, as they won UK Masters 48 hours prior to this matchup. However, the ViM squad pulled back from their 2-0 deficit and took the series 3-1 – you can read a more detailed report here.
1st ViM
2nd MnM
3rd Enclave

Once again, MnM continued their UK Overwatch dominance with yet another LAN victory. They entered the series one up as they progressed through the winner’s bracket. MnM dominated Nepal and held a strong defence in Hollywood on the 2nd point earning them another lan victory. Can anyone in the UK challenge their dominance?
1st MnM
2nd TPO
3rd I want a Kettle

Rocket League
After the merger between the old Dukes management and Barrage esports, it looks like it paid off for them. Their Rocket League team took the tournament by defeating Baws in the grand final.
For more information on their thoughts and feelings about their org growth and winning the Rocket League LAN then check out our video interview with them!
1st Barrage esports
2nd Baws
3rd Motion Gaming
Team Fortress 2
For a game whose competitive future hung in the balance after the release of Overwatch, it appears that Team Fortress still has a future with Insomnia. With the regular Steam and community forums, plenty of teams with international line-ups arrived at Insomnia to once again take part in the tournament.
1st Se7en
3rd Lowpander
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