ITV News video clip features UK LoL players pulling some serious faces at i61

itv uk lol players serious faces 1

TV broadcaster ITV have posted a video news clip on social media featuring several UK esports players.
The clip asks ‘Should gaming become an Olympic sport?’ and includes imagery from Multiplay Insomnia61 last weekend.
It has some footage from the UK Masters League of Legends final between MnM Gaming, and features imagery of UK scene players Rifty, Toaster and Aux, as well as an interview with GAME Belong manager Craig Woods.
Aux is also interviewed towards the end of the video about what it takes to be a competitive player.
ITV has not been kind to poor old Toaster, meanwhile – they’ve used some intense images of him talking seriously to his teammates (over the wording ‘these players might not look like athletes’, and really zoomed into him during the winners photoshoot.

ITV has also got a bit confused with pro gamers and amateurs/non-pro gamers taking part in the BYOC area. It says “top players log  thousands of hours, food is brought to them during tournaments, so they can carry playing non-stop” during a shot of a gamer drinking water.
While Insomnia has a food delivery service, ITV’s wording makes it sound like pro gamers get some kind of special treatment in actual top-level tournaments, and that somehow buying food themselves is not the norm.
Despite this, it’s great to see more mainstream broadcasters and publications covering esports.
Of course, some meme screenshots of Aux and Toaster have since surfaced on Twitter… here are some of them:

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