Gfinity Elite Series W1 D3: How did the Rocket League teams do in their opening weekend – recap

gfinity elite series 1

Gfinity kicked off their Rocket League portion of the Elite Series yesterday.
Teams competing were exceL vs Reason, Infused vs Epsilon, Endpoint vs Method and EnVyUs vs Prophecy.

Series 1

The first series of the day was between exceL and Reason. exceL opened up the first Gfinity Rocket League game strong. exceL played the 3 rounds calm, collected, and defensive.  The 3 games involved a lot of passing, deflecting, and set ups. It is why excel controlled their 3 winning rounds with short, yet decisive leads by going 2-0, 2-1 and 3-0.


Series 2

The second series of the day was between Infused and Epsilon. Infused dominated this series against Epsilon, Infused took 3 rounds in a row, in those 3 games played they scored 7 goals and conceded 1 goal in the 2nd round.  The clip of them in the third game shows how controlled, clean and strategic they were this series.

Series 3

The third game of the day was between Endpoint and Method. Unlike the previous series’, this series was much more even. This game also had a particular hype with the recent news that Endpoint Rocket League had a gaming house. As for the series, it appeared that Endpoints gaming house worked out for them.
Endpoint had a really strong round 1, but Method bounced back in game 2 and took them a round 4-3. Game 3 and 4 were much closer. Both teams were trading goals, bumps and wipeouts, along with some of the most intense boost control seen in the day. Tinny had an end game interview where he praised Method for denying him boost for the majority of those matches. Ultimately Endpoint won 3-1, but don’t let the scoreline fool you, the final rounds could have gone to Method.


Series 4

The final series of the day was supposed to have been between Prophecy and EnVyUs. Unfortunately, EnVyUs was disqualified due to roster issues. Below is the official announcement from EnVyUs about the ruling. This means Prophecy earned a free victory in a disappointing fashion.
EnVyUs owner, Hastro, had this statement to say on the matter.

However, there were some positives about the final series of the day for one particular Prophecy player. At least there’s always something good in a bad situation!

This concludes the first week of Gfinity, check back next week to see how the Streetfighter, CSGO, and Rocket League pan out!

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