Kiandymundi becomes a Twitch Partner

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British League of Legends comedian, cartoonist and content creator Kiandymundi has been granted Twitch Partner status.
The 24-year-old streamer from North-West England, aka Andrew/Andy/Kiandy, said that he will be streaming a lot more in the future.
He said in his latest YouTube video: “Big important channel update… I’m now partnered on Twitch. It only took four applications over two years, but I’m finally there!
“I’m going to start streaming a lot, in between videos. I hope it doesn’t affect the video uploading schedule, but I want to get a lot more variety cos people don’t just want to see League of Pissing Legends every day!

“I’ve been waiting for such a long time to become a partner. I truly feel my streaming is unique. I love getting my audience involved, have them excited and eager to contribute to the next piece of content.”

“Yes it’s fun, yes I like making cartoons about it but there’s more than one game in the world, you know? I want to play a lot of Overwatch and Hearthstone. I’ve been reading the f*cking YouTube comments and a lot of people have said the same.
“So I’m going to stream Hearthstone, I’m going to stream League of Legends, I’m going to stream Overwatch and I’m going to stream fuckin’… erm… Habbo Hotel Extreme Deluxe Online!”
“Seriously though, tune in to my Twitch TV this weekend for the big launch, the big thing that’s big. Oh it’s gonna be big.”
Kiandymundi has a Twitch partner launch stream on his channel planned for June 3rd.
Twitch partners get a share of ad revenues and other features such as channel subs, broadcast delays, cheering and higher quality videos.
You can check out Kiandy’s Twitch channel here.

Kiandymundi: Weird & wonderful

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If you don’t already know him, Kiandymundi is like a cross between a Northern modern-day Jesus, a new-school Spike Milligan and a gaming version of Matt Groening on acid.
To describe him as ‘unique’ would be an understatement. He makes humorous League of Legends animations, streams gameplay and has a mind that is frankly bursting with creativity.
In a statement sent to Esports News UK, Kiandy said: “So for me I’ve been waiting for such a long time to become a partner. I’m sure everyone says this but I truly do feel my streaming is unique.
“I like to stream not only gaming, but animating, I love getting my audience involved, have them excited and eager to contribute to the next piece of content.

“So let’s say I’m animating a Darius cartoon, and I see solid suggestions, I’ll put them in with credits of course, it’s a very communal and funny hour or two when it has happened on previous occasions, and I see comments in the videos like: ‘Hey that was my idea in the stream :D'”
In his latest video, Kiandy also asked his viewers to send him suggestions for future content ideas.
“If you want to see me make a specific type of content – video, stream, Soundcloud, ASMR breathing (breathes into mic), then let me know in the comments to this video,” he said.
“Even in my Discord, I read all the comments, I’m lurking in there 24/7, so come in and say hi.”


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Why is this content on Esports News UK?

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Before you point out this has nothing to do with esports, you’re right, it doesn’t. However, we’re branching out our coverage to include more streamer and culture news – read this update article for more info.

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