BBC Breakfast's solid coverage of UK esports marred by presenter's final remark

bbc breakfast uk esports 1

BBC Breakfast aired a segment on esports this morning, covering MnM’s gaming house and previewing the Vainglory Spring Championship at London’s O2.
As with a lot of mainstream media’s coverage of esports, BBC looked at what esports is.
At MnM’s boot camp, they spoke to coach FrozenDawn, as well as players Rifty and Luddehz.
They also interviewed ESL UK MD James Dean, tournament admin and Team Endpoint social media manager Veracity, as well as Vainglory casters Excoundrel and Action Jackson.

Members of the SK Gaming and TSM Vainglory teams also shared their views on the growing esports industry.
Overall it was a good insight into the world of esports at both a national and global level.
Of course, with the BBC being the BBC, they had to get an old-fashioned view on video gaming in there, didn’t they.
At the end of the show, presenter Sally Nugent said: “I really want them to just go outside and get some fresh air.”

You can can view the three-minute clip below, and see more on iPlayer at the 53-minute and 3-hour marks. There’s also an eight-minute clip here.

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