Could streamers like Gross Gore & Brittany Venti be unbanned from Twitch? We ask Twitch about its changes to ban messaging

Just over a year ago, British League of Legends streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen was banned by Twitch in what he recalls as the worst day of his life.
Rumours have been circulating that he may be unbanned by Twitch, or that Twitch is reviewing his case. These rumours have heightened following small changes made to the Twitch website last week.
New comments provided by Twitch to Esports News UK also hint at the review process and whether banned streamers could return to Twitch in the future.

What’s changed on Twitch?

Up until last week, if you attempted to log into a banned Twitch account, regardless of whether you knew the password or not, a message would pop up stating the ban length and the reason for it.
Ice Poseidon – who was recently banned by Twitch after being swatted off a plane – had this message appear if you tried to login to his account after the ban:

However, it seems Twitch changed this on the weekend. When you try to log into Ice’s account now (or any other banned user for that matter), a more generic message is displayed (as pointed out on Reddit):

This also appears when you try to log in to grossie_gore’s Twitch account. Even with an incorrect password, this message appears, with a link to the Twitch site suspension information page.
The change has likely been made by Twitch to stop people from guessing and discovering ban lengths.
There are also rumours suggesting Twitch reviews indefinite bans after two years.

What does Twitch say?

We reached out to Twitch for its views on the matter and to see if it cloud clarify the above changes.
A Twitch spokesperson told Esports News UK: “Indefinite suspensions are exactly that, without a fixed length.
“Temporary and indefinite suspensions are open to appeal by the owner of the account and approved based on review of user conduct, account standing, and any other information relevant to their case.

“Temporary and indefinite suspensions are open to appeal by the owner of the account. We also review the status of older indefinite suspensions.”

“Our Customer Support and Moderation teams review all requests for reinstatement and process them along with all other support requests, and we also review the status of older indefinite suspensions.”
Note that part at the end – Twitch admits that it does review older indefinite suspensions. While it wasn’t clear on its definition of old, you’d assume this would be a few years or so.
Of course, it makes sense for Twitch to monitor banned users. Some of which will still be very popular with large audience figures and loyal fans. If they show they have improved their conduct, as Twitch states above, perhaps Twitch will consider unbanning them.

Could Gross Gore and other streamers be unbanned by Twitch?

It’s a possibility.
Like Twitch says above, suspensions are open to appeal by the owner of the account.
Should Gross Gore appeal his ban (and we understand he may have done so recently), then Twitch will be reviewing it. So it’s the waiting game for him right now.
If the rumour that Twitch reviews all indefinite bans after two years, then Gross Gore could have his case reviewed in April 2018.
Other banned streamers – like Brittany Venti and KneeColeslaw – could return this September and next January respectively (following their bans in September 2015 and January 2016).
Hood Gaming TV was previously hit with an indefinite ban, and Twitch lifted his ban after two years.
Gross Gore said to us in an interview that he’s put drama behind him – and he’s arguably a more mature person than he was a year or two ago. Last month Gross Gore opened up in a vlog following the one-year anniversary of his ban.

Why was Gross Gore banned in the first place?

Gross Gore was originally banned from Twitch in April 2016 after making accusations that Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels, a caster and analyst for the League of Legends LCS, had slept with a 15-year-old girl. The streamer later admitted these accusations were false.
Prior to the accusations, Gross Gore was warned by Twitch for posting a user’s email address on his stream, and for his behaviour towards streamer Raihnbowkidz.
It seems that Krepo and Gross Gore have now put their differences aside, which should put Grossie in a more favourable position with Twitch – and Riot.

What about Gross Gore’s Riot ban?

Gross Gore is also banned from Riot events. This suspension runs until the end of 2017 Summer split, after which Riot is open to reassessing the situation based on Gross Gore’s behaviour since his ban.
This means, should Riot deem Gross Gore a more positive content creator, they may let him back into official events like the League of Legends LCS finals from around September 2017 onwards, for example.
Riot originally banned Gross Gore last year for causing disruption and intimidating behaviour. This followed his Twitch ban and an earlier incident at the Wembley Hilton Hotel during Worlds 2015 in London.

In conclusion

Twitch has become a huge business over the past few years to say the least, with millions of people tuning in to watch their favourite games and streamers every day.
Obviously, it wants to keep its most popular streamers, and if a banned (and reformed) user still has a large fanbase, it would be mad not to review certain cases.
These changes and comments from Twitch shed some new light on the ban review process and whether banned streamers can return.
Like Twitch says itself, it reviews older indefinite bans and reviews user conduct. As that’s the case, you can’t rule out the possibility that Gross Gore will be on Twitch again someday in the future.
Until then, you’ll just have to make do with him on YouTube (and QVC), lads.

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