Clash Royale $1m Crown Championship Finals to take place in London

clash royale london finals 1

Developer Supercell has announced a $1m Clash Royale Crown Championship Global Series, with the finals set for London this November.
The tournament will consist of a spring season (underway now) and a fall season starting in August.
The spring season has started with an Open Play phase, with the top players advancing to Bracket Play. Here, players will compete in one of eight 1024-player bracketed tournaments.

There will be one winner from each tournament, forming a top eight.
The top eight will face-off on June 10th in a round robin format and the bottom two players will be eliminated.
Then the double elimination bracket spring finals will take place from June 30th to July 2nd, with one spring champion emerging.
After the spring and fall seasons, the global finals will take place in November in London.
Supercell said in a statement: “Competitions in China, Korea, and Japan are already in full swing, while the Spring Season begins on May 2nd for players from North America, Latin America, and Europe. Full global competition begin Fall Season in August 2017.”
Earlier this year, Clash Royale won the publicly-voted AMD Esports Audience Award at the Game BAFTAs.
There’s more details of the Crown Championship on the Clash Royale website.
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