Bulldog announce revised LoL roster including Raizins

bulldog esports 1

UK esports org Bulldog Esports have announced their new League of Legends roster, ready for the upcoming ESL Premiership Summer 2017 Split.
The player roster is:

  • Phawkes – top
  • J3t – jungle
  • Moon – mid
  • Faxulous – ADC
  • Raizins – support

They have retained Phawkes, J3t and Fax, and added Moon and former TCA support Raizins to the roster.
Exi also joins as analyst, Cyn (who recently cast the NUEL Live 2017 finals) as assistant coach, and their former coach Mac becomes head coach/team manager.
Bulldog’s former manager, Grant “Grievance” Rousseau, is now player development coach at CLG in the NA LCS.
Bulldog said in a statement on their website: “When we finished the last ESL UK split we got in a call with our coaches and asked what they felt we needed to do to move forward as a team.
“We spoke about the areas we needed to improve on, while playing to the strengths we have in our team. We are blessed to have a core of players who all get along and want to win.”

Bulldog is one of the first UK orgs to finalise their new LoL roster following the Spring ESL Split, where they finished joint fifth with GLB and Enclave.
They also have another announcement due tomorrow (Friday April 21st).

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