Video interview: CLG coach Grant "Grievance" Rousseau on LCS, UK scene & singing with Darshan

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We interview CLG’s new player development coach Grant “Grievance” Rousseau about his new role in the NA LCS.
During our chat, Grant speaks openly about his time in the UK League of Legends scene, going from an esports outsider to a top team’s coach in under a year, working with the likes of Aphromoo and getting the best out of the players.
You can check out the full video interview below, plus we’ve written up some text highlights too.

On CLG’s chances this split

“Honestly, I think we can win the split. I think it’s a been a tough first few weeks, but if you look at CLG in the past this is what they always do! I genuinely think because of their synergy and the fact they’ve stayed together for so long, a lot of people have said that’s a good thing and a lot have said that’s a bad thing.
“Because of that, along with the talent that we have, and certain players have improved a lot from watching last year to what I’m seeing now, I genuinely think they have a shot at winning the split.
“Last week when we lost to C9, they’re meant to be the favourites for this split by a mile, but the game was unbelievably close and really could have gone either way. I think that shows that we’re capable.”

Full video interview: CLG’s Grant “Grievance” Rousseau


“Honestly, I think we can win the split. I think it’s a been a tough first few weeks, but if you look at CLG in the past this is what they always do!”


On UK scene drama

“What happened at Last Remedy made me a better person. I was quite cocky and arrogant at the time, I was like a bull in a china shop. I saw what people had done in esports and I tried to copy that. Whether it was creating drama or embellish stuff, once I calmed down I realised that was a bit stupid and dumb.
“When Bulldog gave me another chance I tried to do so much better, and I was so grateful for the second chance. I learnt so much about my character and I felt I genuinely became a better person because of it.
“At the time I was thinking with my heart and it wasn’t the best decision. The UK likes drama and it’s hard to ask people to be professional when there aren’t contracts or much money. I think the scene needs to take itself more seriously.
“There’s been lots of people from the UK scene that have moved to the next level – Broxah at Fnatic Academy, Deadly at Misfits, Medic in the Challenger Series as a caster etc.”

“What happened at Last Remedy made me a better person.”


Grant RousseauOn his new role 

“From the player development side, it’s not with the game itself, a lot of the work I do is everything about the player outside the game that I can improve to help make them a better player and person.
“So for example their mentality, communication skills, relationships with other players – everything that can lead into making them better in game, effectively.”

You can follow Grant on Twitter here

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