Insomnia60: In pictures, videos, tweets and memes

We look back on another Insomnia LAN event through the eyes of Twitter, rounding up a random selection stand-out pictures, memes and tweets.
(This article is not looking at the winning esports teams or players – check out our i60 winners roundup here if you want to see who won).

Drop the beat

Check out this sweet Lucio play by Nyles of Fireborn Gaming


You’re gonna go far, kid

While we said we weren’t going to mention winning esports teams in this article, we want to make an exception for Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson (pictured, left). The 13-year-old Scottish player showed everyone what he’s capable of at the Rocket League open.


Caster cleans out casino

Tom “Tridd” Underwood had some success at the casino, it seems.
Apparently he was last spotted in a full suit of armour, galloping away into the night with several fair maidens in a horse and cart.
Word is he’s bought his own trebuchet with the winnings.


This picture is going in

Because we love these guys. And peanut butter.


Master and apprentice

A young John Allen gets the notebook ready while listening to caster/coach Will “FrozenDawn” Burgess.
“Take notes, you will,” said Burgess, in his best Yoda impression.

John tried some memey tweets of his own:


A decent proposal

What better place to propose to your loved one than Insomnia!


Streamers unite

If UK-based League of Legends YouTubers/streamers were a superhero trio…


Getting intense

Caster Jake Matthews really got into the League of Legends matches…



Comedian Peter Kay rocked up at i-series for some reason.


A winning smile

Enclave, winners of the LoL open, clearly too cool for school.

Speaking of Enclave, they mean business…


A million-dollar smile

Caster Dezachu showing us all why he’s the man behind the mic:


Even the prodigy needs to get carried sometimes!

Kitty gives Deadly a lift:

It was all too much for Deadly come the end of i60…

Magic moment
Overclockers’ PR manager and magician Steven Levitt celebrated nine years at the company with this photo!


Nerf this

Cosplayer Tabitha Lyons’ D.VA Overwatch cosplay was on-point:


Bunny hopping

Apparently some other event happened on the weekend…


How can a sign admin a tournament?

BinLord put out some funny vlogs over the course of the weekend:


The watch begins

Twitch partners including Pharah monster Valkia and leahloveschief took part in an Overwatch showmatch.


Should we end it there? Nay, there’s more

Ginx TV presenter Naysayerz’ Twitter feed was a goldmine of great pics from i60, go check it out! Here’s a selection of weird and wonderful snaps:

Have we missed anything? These were just a small selection of pics and vids, but if you think we should include something, let us know! Comment below or message us on Twitter.

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