ENUK charity stream winners receive their RP prizes

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The winners of the League of Legends 1v1 matches from Esports News UK’s charity stream have received their prizes.
Developer Riot Games handed out 800RP to each of the winners.
It was great to have Riot on board with the ENUK charity stream – which raised £650 earlier this month – as they took part in some community matches versus Team UK and Team Casters.
Here’s the full list of League of Legends participants and winners.

The winners (in bold)

  • Team UK vs Casters/Coaches
  • Team ENUK vs Casters/Coaches
  • Team UK vs Team Riot
  • Casters/coaches vs Team Riot
  • Jesper Kuntz (Benvarmeren) vs Harry Evans (caster battle)
  • David vs Craig (ENUK battle)
  • Chin vs Prosfair
  • Foxdrop vs Phy
  • Ben Annis (@EncHyojung) vs Philip Macartney
  • Matt Faulkner (EUtwistedfate) vs Robert Watson (SternRowboat)
  • Froomie vs Rtfx
  • Teimpo (aka Rifty) vs Tundra
  • Brixton and Angelina vs Vicksy and Ryan (2v2)
  • SuperMechaCynpai vs TheTrueDarxil
  • SuperMechaCynpai and BirdPerson vs TheTrueDarxil and Bluestreak
  • Tyrin vs Lozza
  • Lozza vs ToxicDares
  • Crane vs Tyrin
  • Innaxe vs Deadly
  • Joekerism vs Tyin
  • Deadly vs Nightmare
  • Excoundrel vs Medic
  • Tridd vs Dezachu

Speaking of 1v1s, make sure you attend the Esports News UK meet-up in London on April 8th for some more 1v1 action and LoL-themed drinks in a night of networking and fun.

The Team Rosters

Team UK (first win)

  • Lozza
  • Bradtek
  • Tundra
  • Teimpo
  • Tyrin

Team UK (second win)

  • ENC Hyojung
  • Bradtek
  • Stern Rowboat
  • Teimpo
  • Shiklin


  • Bluestreak
  • Renegade826
  • Fandasuba
  • Diomedes Monster
  • CraneGasm

Team casters/coaches (vs team ENUK)

  • TheTrueDarxil
  • Excoundrel
  • RITO Games
  • ThisIsJaws
  • JordanWalshm8

Team casters/coaches (vs Team Riot)

  • RobJWA
  • Tridd was taken
  • TheTrueDarxil
  • RITO Games
  • OG Sandstorm

Team Riot

  • Riot Bo1ton
  • Riot Husker
  • Riot TebsG
  • Riot Navigator
  • Riot Dieselnoi

Thanks again to everyone who took part, and we’ll have our forfeits coming soon…!
You can check out all the VoDs and matches on the Esports News UK YouTube channel.

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