The 27 worst reader comments from the BBC's latest article on esports

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By Dominic Sacco and David Hollingsworth
The BBC has published another article on esports, and members of the esports community are tearing their hair out (unless, like Dom they don’t have any).
Some have complained that the BBC stated Riot’s League of Legends World Championship is the biggest event, claiming the Dota 2 International is bigger if you’re taking the overall prize pool as the metric (Dota’s is $20m+ to League’s $5m).
Others focused on the typo – BBC stating that $1.49bn is worth £1.21m – though typos happen to the best of us!
But the most depressing thing about the article this time was not so much the content, but the comments… many started shouting about how esports is not a sport, attacked the growing scene or just showed how out of touch they are with the esports world.
Some top British hosts and casters had this to say about the comments:

Us poor souls at Esports News UK sifted through the 250+ comments on this article so you don’t have to. Here’s our pick of the worst, wackiest and just downright weird comments.
For the record, we don’t think esports is technically a sport. But can non-esports fans just stop arguing that it isn’t? It’s a recognised event, just accept it and move on!

‘Can we get someone to kick esports players’

Untitled 1

‘A good kick up the backside would do them a favour’

a good kick up the backside

‘Angry anti-social mongrels’

angry antisocial mongrels
face extreme 1554895

‘Bunch of saddos’

bunch of saddos

‘Can’t wait for the Scrabble world championships’

cant wait for the scrabble

‘Games are claustrophobic’


‘Casters sound like they will have a stroke’

commentators sound like the

‘Everything is a sport’

cutting your nails is a spo

‘Munching on pizza is not a sport’

eating pizza is not a sport

‘Elbow them in the side of the head’

elbow them in the head

‘Esports is boring – I watched it and it made me want to play a video game’

esports is boring it made
scream 1431105

‘It’s like playing noughts and crosses’

esports is like noughts and

‘Darts is real’

fat mick says darts is real

‘Freak show’

freak show

‘I’d rather watch Made in Essex’

id rather watch made in che

‘It’s no wonder we have so many overweight people’ – Doris

its no wonder we have so ma
irma wants some coffee 1430495

‘I haven’t read anything as sad’

Ive never read anything as

‘I would beat my children if they said it’s a sport’

i would beat my children

‘Munchables only employment was a week at Subway’

meet munchables the only

‘Pro ironing would be more of a sport’

pro ironing would be more o

‘Shunning reality is the path to folly’

shunning reality is the pat

‘These nerds won’t have a human girlfriend’

these nerds

‘They will get square eyes’

they will end up with squar
office 1 1515115

‘Strictly Come Dancing is a sport’

this must mean strictly com

‘Thousands of obese morons’

thousands of obese morons


whats next ecleaning the ca

‘What’s next – sleeping as a sport?’

whats next sleeping as a sp

The defenders of the faith fight back

sfv tournament xtreme gamin
Thankfully, our faith in humanity was restored as many people stepped forward to defend esports. Here are some of those comments:
Image credit: Sundaram

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