We are live! Watch our 24-hour charity gaming marathon here (stream is now over)

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After weeks of planning, Dom figuring out how not to stream and more than 80 of you guys signing up to take part, our charity stream is finally underway.
The Esports News UK GameBlast stream is raising money for SpecialEffect, and can be viewed on our new Twitch channel here.
Please also follow us on Twitter to stay up to date and get involved using the hashtag #UKEsportsGameBlast.
Please help us reach our (incredibly ambitious) target of £5,000 so that people with disabilities can enjoy the games we take for granted.
Anything you can spare, even a couple of quid, would be hugely appreciated, and we’ll give whoever donates a shoutout! Donate here.
We also have a forfeit list on our stream so do check that out and help us hit our goals (including League player/coach Tundra cosplaying as Tundra Fizz if we hit £2k)!
The schedule is here (click below to enlarge):
schedule 1 new schedule 2 new

View the ENUK stream here and donate here

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