Gfinity hints at further changes to the Gfinity Arena

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Gfinity’s head of partner relations Martin Wyatt has hinted that London’s Gfinity Arena may adapt and evolve in 2017.
The arena – essentially a converted cinema room – first opened back in March 2015 at the Vue Fulham Broadway multiplex.
Around this time, Gfinity told us it was thinking of opening a second, larger capacity venue. While this never came to fruition, the arena went through some changes earlier thus year, with one studio closing, leaving a single, revised stage set-up.
Martin told eSports Pro: “We are happy with it now because it gives us the opportunity to kind of do things at the right level of quality, and the technology that is housed here is so robust that we are able to do different things that other eSports companies or promoters can’t.
“It will probably go through another change – we are constantly upgrading it and looking at ways to improve it.”
Martin told Esports News UK earlier this year that Gfinity has a ‘big desire’ to do more around League of Legends.
Elsewhere, Gfinity is about to launch the Elite Series – a new franchise esports league.
The firm said in a statement: “We want to provide the UK eSports community with an international league to get behind for the first time from grassroots all the way to pro-level, promising to offer exciting new opportunities to watch or play with some of the best gamers in the world.”

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