Gfinity video interview: 'We have a big desire to do more around League of Legends in the UK'

eSports event organiser Gfinity says it is working on running more League of Legends tournaments in the UK.
The firm currently focuses on online tournaments for the game, but says it’s planning to run more events at its Gfinity Arena in Fulham.
When asked if Gfinity would look at hosting a more regular League of Legends tournament, Martin Wyatt, Gfinity’s head of partner relations, replied: “Absolutely, yeah. Our first event – G1 back in July 2013 – we did two games: Call of Duty Black Ops II and League of Legends. So our first foray into the world of eSports was involved in League and it was tremendously successful.
“Since then, we’ve done some Play Like A Pro stuff at EGX, but predominantly the activity has been online.
“We have a very big desire to do more with League of Legends. We have some very passionate people here that love League, so you’ll definitely see more League of Legends coming out of Gfinity, both through the website in terms of competitions and the arena.”
When pressed further for details of a specific League tournament, Martin replied: “My marketing dude is sat behind you and he’ll throw a brick at me if I actually reveal the details!”
On the UK eSports scene in general, Martin said: “UK eSports a sleeping giant. We have an untapped pool of talent that, given the right infrastructure and platform, can go on to compete with the very best in the world.
“I’m not convinced we’re as far behind other countries than everyone thinks. You’ll see more UK-based investment from Gfinity for the communities here.
“Nothing would make us happier than having a UK team going out and winning the League of Legends World Championships, the Dota majors or Call of Duty World Championships.”
You can check out the full video interview below:

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