MnM to move into another game this year – could it be Hearthstone?

MnM Gaming, winners of the ESL UK Premiership in both League of Legends and CSGO, are about to branch out into another competitive game.
MnM co-founder Kalvin Chung tweeted the following tease this evening:

Esports News UK reached out to Kalvin, who gave us the following comment: “We have many things to come in 2017. I mentioned in my previous interview that we hope MnM becomes an organisation capable of supporting a Challenger Series team.
“We have been working hard for the past few weeks to make that happen and this also includes us moving into a new title.”
Kalvin recently had dinner at the ESL UK studio around the time of the recent Hearthstone Premiership finals, so it could be the game MnM move into next.

Esports News UK understands that MnM may have their sights on picking up a top UK Hearthstone player.
MnM also made a tweet regarding the future of their winning League of Legends team:

We recently conducted a big interview with MnM’s co-founders on the org’s background, their LoL team’s success and how they’re lighting up UK esports – read it here.

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