LSE win Varsity Games Dota 2 university tournament – video recap

lse varsity games win 1
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) have won the inaugural Varsity Games London university esports tournament.
LSE came back from a 1-0 deficit beat King’s College London 2-1 in the final at London’s Gfinity Arena on the weekend.
The tournament also included the Dota 2 teams from Imperial College and University College (UCL).
Varsity Games shared this video and event recap on its Facebook page today:

Varsity Games has been created by Amy Yu, the person behind GameBritannia (which held the Heritage 1 and Heritage 2 Dota events earlier this year), and Sujoy Roy, a games industry veteran, former Quake esports pro and founder of physical retail zone Gamerbase (which was bought by HMV).
The weekend’s event also allowed attendees to meet the Gfinity team, and take part in Cluequest – an escape room-style game where teams have to race against time to complete a mission using common sense, logic and teamwork.
There was also a talk on ‘eSports and competitive gaming in the UK: a summary and future possibilities’, given by professor and researcher Mark Johnson from the University of York, and Jamie Woodcock from the LSE.
Dota 2 personality PyrionFlax was also at the Varsity Games launch.
Varsity Games is currently looking for students and volunteers on its website for help with future events (including its spring and summer 2017 events).

Varsity Games has also secured editorial coverage from PCGamesN.

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