Toaster, Caedrel and FrozenDawn are trialling for Schalke 04

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Three experienced UK League of Legends individuals are trying out with German organisation Schalke 04 this week.
Schalke is a well-known German football club that branched out into eSports earlier this year, signing Elements.
However, the team finished eighth in the EU LCS summer split, and failed to requalify, meaning they will play in the lower-league EU Challenger Series in spring 2017.
To help them compete in the next split, Schalke are now holding open tryouts known as ‘Scouting Days 2016’, which is being streamed live on Twitch.
UK League of Legends coach Will “FrozenDawn” Burgess is now a trial coach for Schalke, and will be working alongside Nyph.
Players Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys and Marc “Caedrel” Robert Lamont are taking part in the trial games this week. They are both players who have solid experience in the UK League of Legends scene and beyond, with ADC Toaster playing for Origen in the LCS and mid-laner Caedrel having been with Team Huma.

Toaster leaves Origen (for now)

Toaster has played for FM-eSports in the past and Caedrel was with the Renegades Banditos (before they were renamed to Misfits).
UK caster duo Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe and Aaron “Sona” Chamberlain are casting the trial matches.
After the trials are over on Friday, Schalke will pick their favourite five players to play in a LAN tournament in Poland this weekend.
Those five players will not necessarily play for Schalke’s Challenger Series team next year, but they will have the chance to impress – and potentially be signed by Schalke afterwards.
Earlier today, Schalke uploaded a video on Facebook, where the organisation introduced their Scouting Days initiative and the players introduced themselves.

Other players taking part in the trials include former Unicorns of Love jungler Rudy, Broxah, Hatrixx, Tabzz, Visdom, Doxy, Steve, Treatz and P1noy.
We’ll post an update after the trials are over.

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