‘I don’t think League of Legends will be here in 20 years time’ – Deilor

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Fnatic’s former League of Legends head coach, Luis “Deilor” Sevilla, believes League of Legends will not be around in 20 years’ time.
Speaking in the new Fnatic book, he compares League to other popular eSports games that have risen and fallen in popularity in the past.
“I honestly don’t think that League of Legends will be here in 20 years,” Deilor said.
“The whole eSports scene will continue to expand but the games won’t remain the same.
“You look at a game like StarCraft II, which was huge not so long ago, but is now fairly small. Counter-Strike and Dota are still popular, but in their newer versions.”
Deilor added: “I guess a League of Legends 2 is the next step to take, to keep the game popular. But I don’t know if Riot would do that, given that this game is being patched all the time anyway.
“If the game is still around in 20 years, that would be awesome, but I think it’s part and parcel of the evolution of technology – which gaming is always such a servant to – that it won’t be.”

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Fnatic chief gaming officer Patrik “cArn” Sättermon added that League of Legends has ‘probably’ hit its peak in terms of popularity, but that it still has many years of success ahead of it.
eSports News UK has heard rumours that Riot Games has several games in the works right now – it’s possible that five separate titles are in development.
In 2013, an unreleased card game was leaked, and last year Riot hinted it is working on new games.
If you compare League of Legends to another monumental smash hit PC game, World of Warcraft, that title peaked at around 12 million paying subscribers in 2010. It fell to near 5m in 2015, but reports suggest it’s now at 10m right now.
Those are healthy numbers considering World of Warcraft has been around for 12 years; League has been going for seven. It’s unlikely League is going anywhere anytime soon.

Image source: Riot Flickr

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Oli Palmer
5 years ago

I’d be surprised if its still on the competitive circuit in 10 years, even 5 years time. I don’t think you can directly compare LoL to WoW like that either, especially when you consider that WoW has had some fairly big overhauls in its time and of course its marketing budget is staggering.