Streamer plays Overwatch with actual bananas

streamer plays overwatch with bananas 1

Harambe would be proud.
New Zealand Twitch streamer Rudeism has played Overwatch using bananas (as in-game ape character Winston, no less).
He connected the bananas to his computer using a custom setup, which each banana representing a different keyboard button.
The banana controller scheme uses four bananas for WASD keys, four for mouselook, and one each for fire, jump, shield and ult. Rudeism, aka Dylan, commits to the Winston/banana gimmick for a solid two-and-a-half hours, if you’ve got a bunch of time on your hands.
Rudeism has come up with a bunch of other unusual controller setups in the past – including playing World of Warcraft using DDR dance mats.
You can check out the banana stream below:
Watch live video from on

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