ESL UK Premiership preview video: Munchables shares his predictions

munchables esl prem predict 1

With the ESL UK Premiership summer 2016 split getting underway this week in a variety of games, we talk to caster Joe “Munchables” Fenny about his predictions.
Which teams does Joe think will do well? Who will impress? Which orgs and players have the best chance of reaching the top four?
We ask Joe for his views across the League of Legends, Hearthstone, CSGO and Overwatch Premierships.
Note: Some of the rosters (namely a few of the League ones) have changed since we originally recorded this video

Thanks to Munchables and ESL UK
Check out the Premiership matches on ESL UK’s Twitch channel here.
eSports News UK coverage
We’ll be covering the ESL UK Premiership across the four games.
Dom Sacco and David Hollingsworth will be covering League of Legends, Oscar Pelling will be focusing on Hearthstone, Reece Barrett on CSGO and Craig Robinson will be covering Overwatch.
Rob Allen may be helping with League of Legends videos too.
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