'Overwatch may bring more women into eSports'

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Industry pros have weighed in on the women in eSports topic, and have spoken about the lack of females playing at the top level.
Speaking to eSports News UK’s Dom Sacco for an article published on the Red Bull eSports website, Team Dignitas boss Michael “ODEE” O’Dell said: “At the start of eSports, the games weren’t that appealing to girls. I think that’s why there weren’t many females emerging during the first ten years of first-person shooters.
“I think with Overwatch, that will probably change. It’ll be interesting to find out how many girls are competing at the top level in Overwatch. Our streamer Sheila ‘Pterodactylsftw’ Weidman is one of the highest-ranked in the world at the moment.”
Team Paria’s League of Legends mid-laner Vicksy also provided some comments on the matter.
“There’s nothing that is holding women back in eSports. If there is a girl that is good enough and wants to compete at high levels, she will do it regardless. It’s not a case of forcing women, it’s more about giving those who actually want to succeed and to be taken seriously a chance,” she said.
“There isn’t one correct way to encourage girls into eSports because every girl is different, but there are a few options. One way could be encouraging girls at a younger age to try competitive games. Another could be fixing stereotypes. Also, recognising girls for their gameplay and not their gender, and by encouraging mixed teams.”
Former Frag Doll Rhoulette and CSGO pro HaySS also shared their thoughts.
You can check out the full article on Red Bull

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