Choke disbands its UK Overwatch team as players go separate ways

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On Thursday, Choke Gaming announced that their Overwatch team had disbanded.
This came to a surprise to many of us after they had such a dominant spree here in the UK scene, only to be dethroned on Tuesday by Team Endpoint.
With such a long successful spree in the UK scene what was it that made them disband?
“The players said ‘one player has anxiety about the event’, then we had a chat if we should carry on as a team, after they felt they had gone backwards for the last two weeks and they wanted new challenges,” Choke’s manager Tom Villiers told ENUK.
As for the players, their decision to leave the team came as a mutual understanding.
“One of our players could not attend i58 for medical reasons. We had always had the goal of i58 and nothing after that. So when we could no longer go people questioned if they wanted to stay in the team. A couple decided they wanted to try something new, which is totally fair enough, so we disbanded,” said ChrisTFer.
Aux added: “One of our players had irl issues so he wasn’t able to go to insomnia and wasn’t sure if he was going to continue in the team. We had been having internal issues for a while so I decided this was enough for me to no longer continue and the roster disbanded as a result.”
Aux has now decided to play a support-orientated play style. Other players are staying in the same role, but now look towards joining new teams.
Finding new homes shouldn’t be too much of a problem after they had such a good spree here in the UK and good games in Europe. We wish the players the best of luck.
You can follow the players here:

We’re expecting a more detailed update from Choke tomorrow (Saturday August 13th).

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