Endpoint and Reason Gaming make changes to Overwatch rosters

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Two UK eSports organisations have rejigged their Overwatch roster line-ups.
Reason Gaming announced a new Overwatch team on Friday July 22nd, while Endpoint confirmed a revised roster yesterday (Monday July 25th).
The announcements are the latest developments in the UK Overwatch eSports scene, which has seen some local orgs move away from the UK Ballistix cups to focus on EU tournaments.
Endpoint have made a host of changes to their Overwatch line-up since emerging last month.
“It became apparent that there were a few internal differences in approach and focus,” the org admitted in a statement.
“The team felt that a move into the European scene was the best way to guarantee the recruitment of high quality Overwatch players that fit in with the team dynamics.”
iuKeEe and phantasy remain from the original ‘Sterling’ line-up, with four players being added to the revised roster.
The team will be attending the upcoming Insomnia 58 LAN event.
Here’s the new line-up, featuring two UK players and four EU players:

  • Luke iuKeEe” Dainton
  • Mark “phantasy” Pinney
  • Jesper “Musashiii” Maassen
  • Johan “CWoosH” Klingestedt
  • Mathias “toca” Maegaard
  • Bart “blizp” Beerens

Adam “Adz” Jessop, EndPoint CEO, said: “It’s always a difficult period when teams form in any new game, as those initial line-ups that share early success may fracture due to differences in outlook and dedication.
“I believe the team have brought in a wealth of talent from around Europe, and we decided that EndPoint should honour the relationship and agreements put in place, and support them in their growth and plans to become a highly successful Overwatch team.”
eSports News UK understands that Endpoint have already been playing the likes of Choke and Reason in scrims, and are focusing on practicing against other top teams from around Europe.
Reasonhowever, have set their sights on the frequent UK Ballistix cup team [email protected]
They previously signed ‘Zaprey got caught‘, but after roster changes, the team has disbanded and moved onto other things.
[email protected] are currently a team with three UK players and three European players, accompanied by former League of Legends LCS coach, Leviathan.
Reason’s new Overwatch team will make their first appearance in the Overwatch Open tournament recently announced by FACEIT and ELeague.
The line-up is as follows:

  • Kyle KYLE1″ Swinscoe
  • Piotr Sev” Hutyra
  • Jonathan Hanima” Fages
  • Jon Danchu” Osborne
  • Tamás tomzeY” Bordás
  • Jonas Shaz” Suovaara
  • Jordan “Leviathan” Thwaites (coach)

Leviathan coached LoL Alliance to a first-place finish in the Season 2014 Summer Split. He brings some top coaching experience to help develop the up and coming talent in the team.
Currently, [email protected] are first in points for the UK Overwatch Ballistix cup. They have also been frequently playing in Gosu Gamers matches against other European teams and have been finishing well.
On Saturday, the team played its first official match under the Reason banner. They successfully finished in the top four of that Gosu Gamer tournament, after beating Choke Gaming in the lower bracket.
On Wednesday, the team will most likely play in the UK cup again and earn the goodies they were previously competing for in the past few weeks.
Reason Gaming Owner and CEO Adam “Blanks” Heath said: “We jumped the gun a bit with our first roster in this game and the team, despite getting some impressive results, went through a string or roster changes in a short space of time before falling apart completely.
“After taking some time to look at the scene and monitor teams, we are confident in this new lineup and that they will do us proud under the Reason banner.”

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