'UK tournaments will attract more eSports teams from around the world in 2016' – Razer

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Gaming accessory brand Razer has told eSports News UK that more teams from around the world will want to play in UK tournaments this year.
Nick Haywood, Razer’s UK PR specialist, said: “I think this 2016 is going to see the UK eSports events attract the big teams as the size of the events and, more importantly for professional eSports teams, the size of the prize pools, increases.
“For example, Multiplay, with their move to the NEC, can now continue growing the Insomnia LAN events which will attract more amateur players for their open tournaments.
“The increased prize pools for the tournaments will attract more professional teams from around the globe, so we’ll see a great mix of amateur and pro-players at each event, all playing against each other.
“Open tournaments like these are key to UK eSport growth – amateur players want to compete with the pro players, if only just for the kick of playing them – but even walking away with a small share of the prize pool is a great incentive to play.”
We’ve reached out to Multiplay to find out how much the prize pools could be increasing by.

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