Banditos crash out of the EU CS qualifiers, but what's next for the UK Renegades?

The British Banditos

After the hype of four top UK League of Legends pros joining popular US-based org Renegades, their momentum was halted as they suffered a 3-1 defeat to Millenium this evening, sending them out of the EU Spring Challenger Series Qualifiers.
The first game looked to be in Renegades’ favour, as they sealed a convincing win at 34 minutes with an 8k gold lead.
However, Millenium looked to make the comeback in the second game, with a 10k lead at 31 minutes, to tie the series.
The third game was looking good for our UK boys with a pretty decisive early game. But Millenium took control of the game and took the next two team fights around the 20-24 minute mark, which eventually choked out RNB for their second win of the series.
The fourth game would be the final game for this best of five series.
Once again RNB had a nice early game advantage, but it was only a small lead over their opponents. Millenium quickly equalised that short 3k deficit around the 20 minute mark. The fight at the 23/24 minute mark was where the series slowly slipped away from RNB with one ace in the bot lane; Millenium had secured themselves a strong 5k lead within mere minutes of being in a deficit.
This lead allowed Millenium to get a nice Baron and with that Baron, they were allowed to finish at 31 minutes with a 9k lead.
With that result being finalised, RNB are knocked out of the qualifiers, and their opportunity to receive a Challenger Series position for the spring tournament is over.
But take nothing away from Millenium – they played well and will now deservedly qualify for the EU Challenger Series.
However, there are other opportunities on the horizon for RNB.
It was just announced today that the ESL UK Premiership will now be a part of the ESL National Leagues, which now grants an EU Challenger Series qualifier slot to whoever wins the ESL UK Spring Season 2016 championship.
This new addition to Challenger Series promotion was a result of last year’s decision that Riot will look for competitive teams from a number of European tournaments, as well as the ESL National Leagues, originally designed to support the German, Polish and Spanish league winners.
An ESL UK spokesperson told eSports News UK: “Qualifiers don’t start until January 27th, so it is possible for [Renegades Banditos] to enter, providing they have the majority UK roster of course.”
With RNB consisting of three starting UK players and one UK sub player, they are eligible to participate in the upcoming ESL promotions.
This means that a hype team like RNB will have another shot at gaining a position for the EU Challenger Series, if they enter through this method of opportunity. However they are not limited to this method, as they can still participate in the EUW open circuit, which could give them another shot at a Challenger Series position.
So don’t give up faith on our UK Renegades. Their roster was only made official on January 7th and had less than two weeks to make themselves a Challenger Series team. With additional time and more practice, RNB should be more than ready to take on their shot at the big leagues again.

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