'UK teams are not good enough to play in the Challenger Series' – scene reacts to ESL announcement

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The winners of the ESL UK Spring Season League of Legends Premiership will gain a place in Riot’s EU Challenger Series (CS) qualifiers – and the reaction to the news has been mixed.
The comments come as Renegades’ Banditos EU team (consisting of several UK players) were knocked out of the current EU CS qualifiers this evening. This means they are now eligible to enter the ESL UK qualifiers for the next season.
Jordan Walsh, Team Infused’s former coach, told eSports News UK: “It’s a wasted spot unless it goes to Renegades Banditos – UK teams are not good enough to play in the Challenger Series.
“It’s the same argument for every other region that gets a free Challenger Series qualifier spot. The reigonal teams are just not as good as international teams.”
Rob Allen, former Choke Gaming manager, added: “Personally I think that stronger teams in the league increases the competitiveness of the league, increasing interest and as a result, further investment.”
Michael Hirst, eSports Project Manager for MCM Comic Con, tweeted:

Team Dignitas advisor Phil Wride commented:

UK shoutcaster Tom “Tridd” Underwood said:

NUEL’s mid-laner (and Anivia wizard) LADT Rayunmort commented:

Caster Sona shared his view:

eSports commentator Ben Hosford added: 

Team Paria manager ioswitch said:

Of course, Riot rascal and meme master Ben “Draggles” Forbes is more than ready to pounce on any potential meme opportunities.

The ESL UK Spring Season 2016 qualifiers kick off on January 27th.
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