Team Infused win the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership final

esl uk lol premiership final 2015 season 2 infused fm 1

Reigning champions Team Infused beat rivals FM-eSports 3-0 in the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership Season 2 grand final.
Infused were dominant against all their opponents and remained unbeaten throughout the season. Here’s our full match report.

Game one

Team Infused – blue side (Alphari top – Hecarim, Maxlore jungle – Lee Sin, Charlietea mid – Viktor, POILK ADC – Tristana, Arphan support – Annie)
FM-eSports – red side (Nutri top – Gnar, Keeno Combo jungle – Elise, ZiViZ mid – Diana, Toaster123 ADC – Jinx, Tundra support – Janna)
The deadly duo – Infused’s jungler Maxlore and top-laner Alphari – ganked Nutri in the top-lane twice early on.
After 16 minutes, Infused had three towers, a dragon and almost 28k gold to FM’s one tower and 24.5k gold.
Moments later, Infused suddenly surged forwards mid, acing FM with POILK grabbing an unofficial Quadrakill as Tristana. Alphari tried to chase and kill Charlietea under FM’s inhibitor turrets but fell instantly.
Both teams regrouped, only for Infused to take the mid-lane inhibitor turret.
However, FM weren’t done yet. They fought back in the top-lane, picking off Maxlore AND Alphari. It was 10-6 to Infused at this point, who soon took the Baron and taking a 3-1 trade.
At this point, with the Baron minions, Infused pushed the bottom lane, taking the inhibitor as well as Nutri. Toaster came to FM’s rescue, securing a double kill to make it 15-10 to Infused.
Another few kills from POILK helped Infused invade FM’s base and take the Nexus.

Game two

Team Infused – red side (Alphari top – Gangplank, Maxlore jungle – Kindred, Charlietea mid – Viktor, POILK ADC – Jinx, Arphan support – Braum)
FM-eSports – blue side (Nutri top – Shen, Keeno Combo jungle – Dr Mundo, ZiViZ mid – Orianna, Toaster123 ADC – Tristana, Tundra support – Thresh)
Toaster took the first-blood very early on in this game, and FM began brightly, going 4-2 up early on thanks to some good play in the bot-lane.
Going into the mid-game, Maxlore picked up a superb Quadrakill in the top-lane, popping his Lamb’s Respite ultimate as Kindred at the perfect moment. This turned the game in Infused’s favour, with 8 kills to FM’s 7, plus a 6k gold lead.
It was POILK’s turn to secure an unofficial Quadrakill a few minutes later, as Infused made an aggressive surge in the bot-lane, near FM’s inhibitor turret.
Despite these big multi-kills for Infused, FM were keeping their heads in the game and picking up the odd kill here and there – with a nice 1v1 from ZiViZ against Charlietea in particular.
But it was Infused who took the game soon afterwards, making them just one game away from being crowed champions.

Game three

Team Infused – blue side (Alphari top – Hecarim, Maxlore jungle – Lee Sin, Charlietea mid – Ekko, POILK ADC – Tristana, Arphan support – Braum)
FM-eSports – red side (Nutri top – Shen, Keeno Combo jungle – Elise, ZiViZ mid – Corki, Toaster123 ADC – Varus, Tundra support – Brand)
Infused started off game three with a couple of early kills from that pesky pair again – Maxlore and Alphari.
After ten minutes, Infused were 6-1 up with a smattering kills across the map.
Even support player Arphan got in on the action, picking up a double kill on 14 minutes, helping his team extend their lead to 14-4 and a 7.5k gold lead.
FM knew they were close to defeat at this point but were having having a laugh in their seats and enjoying the final few moments of the season. Infused’s Arphan went in 2 against 1 at this point and slowly died as both teams enjoyed a bit of light-hearted fun. It was a nice moment, considering the amount of drama UK eSports sometimes generates.
Congratulations to Infused!

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