Fnatic's Febiven: "We have a really good shot at winning Worlds"

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Fnatic mid-laner Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten has told eSports News UK that London’s Fnatic can win Worlds, Origen has no chance of beating SKT and he also offered some comments about the Dutch League of Legends eSports scene. Check out his comments in this article or watch the video below.

How would you evaluate Fnatic’s performance against EDG in the Worlds quarter final?
I think we played pretty good as a team, we had good drafts, we won the early games pretty much.
In terms of my individual performance, I think I played pretty well as well, because I managed to get a good second game. Normally I would be scared to pull out the assassins, because it’s not really what I’m usually playing, but their composition was bad against my pick, so I think I played pretty good today.
What are your thoughts on playing Koo Tigers in the semi final?
I think we have a good shot at beating this team. I think we have better players and I think we are a better team.
An all-EU final, can it happen?
No I think Origen is going to go out against SKT. Unfortunately, I think SKT are going to roll over them.
What’s it like playing in London and what do you think of the UK?
For me, it’s not really different from other places, because it’s the same stage – it’s just another crowd.
For me personally, I try to ignore the crowd because it can lead to distraction. I try not to let it distract me because it can affect my gameplay.
But of course, it feels good when we make a good play and the crowd cheer for us. I guess it helps the team, but for me I try to ignore them and just focus on my game.

That was something xPeke said – that UK fans are great but a bit distracting! How does the UK eSports scene differ to the Netherlands?
I’ve no idea about the UK community, but I know in my country there are more people trying to become a pro, because they see all these tournaments.
I think it’s going to grow in the next few years, because people are going to get motivated and they’re doing what they love. This is like their dream, I think, for a lot of people right now. But it’s super hard because it’s really hard to get recognised in eSports.
I asked Wolf from SKT if European teams can become more of a force in eSports compared to NA and Korean teams, and he said yes they can. Is that something you agree with?
Yeah, I think Europe are definitely on the Worlds level. But I’m not sure which team is the best right now.
I think we have a really good shot at winning Worlds.
Is there anything else you’d like to add.
No thank you (lol).

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