Koo Tigers take down KT Rolster 3-1 to face Fnatic in the semis (Worlds Quarter Final Match Report)

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Korean teams Koo Tigers and KT Rolster went head-to-head in the last of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship Quarter Finals in London, with Koo winning 3-1.

Game one saw KT Rolster’s top-laner Ssumday picking up first blood as Darius.
He also got ganked top but managed to draw two Koo players under his tower, taking a 1 for 1.
But Koo got back into the match after an impressive double-teleport bot to take down Ssumday, to lead 5-2.
After a teamfight near the dragon at the 26-minute mark, KT stole the dragon, before obliterating Koo to turn the game around, making it 7-6 to KT Rolster.
KT managed to push hard in the 35th minute, taking down Koo’s team mid, before taking the game, despite each of their champion’s having a low amount of remaining health.
Game two swang in Koo Tigers’ favour, with the team going 11-5 up after the half-hour mark.
They were dominant throughout, and it will certainly make a more interesting, even match than previous quarter finals we’ve seen the past few days.
Could this one go to a five-game series?
In game three, it was tied at 3 kills per team at around the 30-minute mark.
But Koo Tigers went on to take that game, putting them one game away from the semi-final against Fnatic.
And the Tigers went on to take the match, after winning game four. It was an intense, close match up to the half an hour mark, but an incredibly well executed baron kill by Koo, followed by an aggressive couple more pushes into KT’s base, saw them take the match.
That concludes the quarter finals in London.
The semi finals set to take place in Belgium are as follows:

  • Origen vs SKT Telecom T1
  • Fnatic vs Koo Tigers

Image source: Riot Flickr

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