MaRin mobbed outside Tesco Express by excited UK eSports fans

MaRin Tesco Express 1

If only Tesco knew about eSports, they’d be sitting on a PR goldmine right now

SKT Telecom T1’s South Korean top-laner MaRin (Jang Gyeong-Hwan) was spotted shopping at the Tesco Express in Wembley Park last night, near the SSE Arena, and posed for a photo with fans outside.

Dillon Curtis Boys, who posted the snap to the League of Legends UK Facebook page, said the eSports pro was shopping in Tesco “for like 20 minutes”, while the fans waited for him outside.
MaRin was spotted with a basket full of booze, before chilling with some fans.
It’s great to see the players engaging with the crazy UK community, especially considering MaRin doesn’t speak English.
MaRin helped his side SKT beat AHQ 3-0 on Friday October 16th in the League of Legends World Championship Quarter Finals in London.
SKT will now face Origen in the semi-final, whose founder xPeke told me they can take SKT to a five-game series.
However, when I told SKT’s support Wolf about this, he disagreed, saying: “We’re performing much better than them right now, so I think we’ll be able to take them in three games.”
Check out our interview with SKT’s Wolf on playing in London (and watching Doctor Who).
MaRin’s Tesco escapade reminds me of that time Sony Worldwide Studios’ boss Shuhei Yoshida recently went for a cheeky Nandos – and clearly loved it.
It seems MaRin has embraced UK culture with open arms too. It may make SKT’s potential victory over EU’s Origen in the semi-finals a little bit more bearable (but not by much).

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Image source: Dillon Curtis Boys, League of Legends UK Facebook page

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