Skylanders Stealth Elf: Complete Guide

stealth elf vs legendary figures
Stealth Elf is arguably one of the coolest Skylanders in Spyro’s Adventure and Giants, and what she lacks in armour, she makes up for in speed and attack power.
Here’s everything you need to know about Stealth Elf, including skills, play-style tips, recommended hats, her Heroic Challenge and Legendary variant.

Stealth Elf is a Life Skylander and a ninja/assassin-type character. She deals damage up close and uses the art of deception to fool enemies and catch them off guard. In other words, she’s perfect for gamers who like stealthy characters/play styles.
Skills/talent trees
Stealth Elf starts off with the following skills: Blade Slash (action button one swings Stealth Elf’s daggers, A on Xbox 360) and Stealthier Decoy (action button 2 creates a decoy of Stealth Elf that draws enemy fire, while the real Stealth Elf moves invisibly, X on Xbox 360). You can then buy the following upgrades:
Straw Pook
Price: 500 coins
A Scarecrow appears in place of your decoy and distracts enemies.
Dragonfang Dagger
Price: 700 coins
Blades do increased damage.
Sturdy Scarecrow
Price: 900 coins
Scarecrows last longer and take more damage to destroy.
Arboreal Acrobatics
Price: 1,200 coins
Perform a quick acrobatic move (press action button 3 or B on the Xbox 360 to perform a quick roll).
Sylvan Regeneration
Price: 4,000 coins
Regenerate health over time.
Knife Blender (Wow Pow attack from Series 2 figure – see those pictured)
Price: 5,000 coins
Hold action button one to unleash a mega 360-degree knife slash attack.
Buy enough upgrades and you can choose from two separate skill trees:
Pook Blade Saint
This upgrade path lets you further develop your blade attacks. We prefer this tree as it improves your standard attack damage from daggers.
Elf Jitsu
Price: 1700 coins
Produce Poison Spores (press action button, 1, then 1 and then 2) and Blade Flurry (press action button 1, then 1 and then 3).
Elven Sunblade
Price: 2,200 coins
Blade attack does even more increased damage.
Shadowsbane Blade Dance
Price: 3,000 coins
Magical Blades fight alongside you.
Forest Ninja
This upgrade path lets you further develop your Scarecrow skills. While not as useful as Pook Blade Saint in terms of raw attack damage from daggers, it can be handy for crowd control and handling multiple enemies at once. If you have a second Stealth Elf figure, use one for the Pook Blade Saint path and the other for Forest Ninja.
Scare-crio Trio
Price: 1,700 coins
Three Scarecrows are created in place of your decoy.
Scarecrow Booby Trap
Price: 2,200 coins
Scarecrows explode and damage enemies.
Scarecrow Spin Slicer
Price: 3,000 coins
Scarecrows have axes and do extra damage
Playing tips

  • Tap action button 1 twice quickly to perform a short combo. After the second attack, let go of the action button, then press it and hold it down. You’ll do a third and more powerful attack combo.
  • When you unlock Elf Jitsu, do the combo above, then press attack button 2 (X) or 3 (B) to perform a four-attack combo.
  • Press action button 3 (or B on the Xbox 360) to perform a quick roll. This is perfect for evading enemy attacks, and you can use it repeatedly.
  • Stealth Elf is pretty weak early on, so make sure you complete as many Heroic Challenges as possible by talking to Cali on the ship. You’ll want to boost your armour and critical hit stats in particular, but others will help too. Boost your speed to create one of the fastest Skylanders in the game.
  • When stealthing, press action button 1 to attack, or action button 2 (X) to pop out of stealth without attacking. This can be handy when evading an enemy strike, as you’ll keep moving rather than attacking then stopping momentarily (the latter can leave you open to a counter-attack).
  • One good tactic is to aim to the right of an enemy, press action button 2 (X on Xbox 360) to turn invisible, then move to the left and behind the enemy, before pressing action button 1 (A on Xbox 360) to spring out and attack them from behind. The enemy will follow Stealth Elf’s decoy, leaving you to damage them freely from the other direction. This tactic is also handy when you’re outnumbered.
  • If you’ve unlocked Elf Jitsu, and you have tons of enemies around you, press action button 1, then press it again, then press action button 3 (A, A, B on Xbox 360). You’ll whip up a flurry of attacks for a few seconds, damaging any enemy in the vicinity.

Recommended hats
Some of the best hats for Stealth Elf include Pirates Hat (+20 critical damage), found in the Pirate Seas location and Wabbit Ears (+5 speed and +12 armour), found in the Lost City of Arkus. The Atom Hat (+25 critical damage) is also decent, found in the Lost City of Arkus, as is the Pants Hat from Troll Home Security (+6 speed and +15 critical damage).
We’re also fans of the Bowling Pin Hat (+10 critical damage and +10 armour), which can be acquired by choosing the Path of Knowledge (the left-hand route) in the final challenge during The Oracle level.
Legendary Stealth Elf
You can pick up the Legendary version of Stealth Elf in Toys R Us for around £8.99 (pictured on the right at the top of this article). She features blue and gold styling, as well as slightly different stats.
The Legendary’s base level one stats are as follows (with the standard Stealth Elf’s stats in brackets as a comparison):
Health: 270 (270)
Speed: 50 (50)
Armour: 18 (12)
Critical Hit: 70 (50)
Elemental Power: 25 (25)
The Legendary’s maximum level 15 stats are as follows (with the standard Stealth Elf’s max stats in brackets as a comparison):
Health: 540 (540)
Speed: 98 (98)
Armour: 48 (42)
Critical Hit: 120 (100)
Elemental Power: 100 (100)
As you can see, the Legendary Stealth Elf has greater armour and critical hit damage over the standard Stealth Elf, so she’s definitely worth picking up over the normal version. However, we have to say we prefer the styling of the standard Stealth Elf.
Stealth Elf Heroic Challenge 
You’ll have to navigate a minefield within a time limit to get +4 speed from this Heroic Challenge in Skylanders Giants. You can watch our speed run video of the challenge here:

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