FIFA 13 tips: EA Boot Room videos

FIFA 13 is one of those games that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. It’s full of extra tricks, flicks, goal celebrations and special shooting techniques to name a few.
So far EA has produced more than ten of its own Boot Room tips videos, featuring excellent advice from Darren Cross and Matt Cuttle. We’ve embedded all of them for you in this handy one-page video guide:

FIFA 13 – Penalty tips

FIFA 13 – Goal celebrations and moves

FIFA 13 – Shooting techniques

FIFA 13 – Taking corners

FIFA 13 – How to score more goals

FIFA 13 – Defending against opponents

FIFA 13 – Seasons mode and picking the best teams

FIFA 13 – Master the right stick

FIFA 13 – First Touch Control

FIFA 13 – Free kick tips

FIFA 13 – Dribbling tips and techniques

For more FIFA 13 tips and videos, check out the following:

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