EU World of Tanks Pro League has €300,000 in prizes

Europe has been given its own professional esports league for PC MMO action game World of Tanks.
The Pro League will consist of three seasons, starting this year, with the top 12 teams battling it out each season. There’s €300,000 in prize money up for grabs – €100,000 per season. So, how does the league work?

Four open qualifiers will get underway at the CeBIT Intel Extreme Masters in Hanover this weekend. All teams can enter.
The four winning teams will go to Hanover and qualify for the league. The teams that finished fifth to eighth will enter an online tournament, where the top two will qualify, too. Then the other teams will come from the Go4WoT and A-Series run by the ESL.
The top six teams from season 1 will pass directly through to season 2, while relegation games will take place to determine which teams will stay in the Pro League.
Plus, the finals of each season will be streamed online and available to watch live.
World of Tanks has produced these handy diagrams to illustrate.
In the US, the World of Tanks Pro League will have $2.5m up for grabs.
“The scale and popularity of competitive gaming has been skyrocketing over the last couple of years, and we have now reached the point where we can focus significant effort on advancing World of Tanks on to the global eSports scene,” said Global eSports Director at Wargaming, Jonghyuk Baak.
“The League is a groundbreaking step in our quest to bring the game’s eSports potential into the international spotlight.”
For more information, visit the World of Tanks Pro League site.

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