FEAR 3: Essential tips

The third horror FPS in the FEAR series is out and developer Day 1 Studios has released 15 tips to help you get through the game without soiling yourself.
These FEAR 3 tips apply to both the single-player and multiplayer modes.

1. Top up your score by completing multiple challenges, playing on harder difficulties and finishing levels quickly. Use special abilities often and combine challenges.
2. Search levels for hidden ammo caches, psychic link bodies and the Alma doll. They appear in random locations so keep a lookout for them.
3. When playing in co-op, psychic links can be shared or stolen. If you’re looking to set an individual high score, steal them. If you want to set a team high score, share them. Even though you only get 750 points for psychic links, since you both receive the reward it adds a total of 1,500 to your team score.
4. Rank-up to grow your ammo capacity, health and slow-mo.
5. Ranks are determined by the total score. If you’re having trouble in one mode, spend some time in another to
rank up before trying again.
6. Use the Arc Beam weapon to reflect off walls and floors to hit nearby enemies. Ideal when enemies are taking cover.
7. When you spot a Phase Caster enemy, take it out ASAP as a priority.
8. One way to kill Scavengers is to levitate them, get close and melee attack them for an instant kill. Use stun blast when taking on more than one.
9. In the Fucking Run! multiplayer mode, send a teammate ahead with a Riot Shield to protect the rest of your squad.
10. In the same mode, use the slide tackle to keep you moving forward and take out foes.
11. Plan ahead when playing the Contractions multiplayer mode. Store your ammo on the top level of the safe house.
12. In Soul King, avoid staying in one body. Escape other players by jumping from body to body across large portions of the maps. If you’re going to die, possess a new body with full health.
13. In Soul King, try to stay in second or third place so that you can sweep in for victory in the closing seconds of the round by killing the King.
14. In Soul Survivor, getting a kill while in Last Stand will revive you. But ammo is limited, so try not to use your Last Stand handgun ammo unless necessary.
15. To get the ‘We’ll Try Again Tomorrow’ achievement, play the Commute multiplayer map and get in the first three waves.
Have you got FEAR 3? Share any tips you have below.

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