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Hidden Object Aquascapes

Sponsored content Create your own dream aquarium, find hidden items and earn money to buy new fishes, decorations and aquariums in this amazing simulation and hidden object hybrid game, Aquascapes! (more…)
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Is eSports a man’s world? We interview Team Property – the all-female Swedish pro gaming CSGO team

[caption id="attachment_4654" align="aligncenter" width="465"] Left to right: Johanna “R’o’vardotter” Virtanen, Angel “Mouse” Malihiolzakerni, Therese “Szanto” Szanto, Nina “Foxglove” Flatnes and Sandra “Steelya” Stålnacke[/caption] On Intel's stand at Dreamhack London this weekend, there were two teams of five women going head-to-head on CSGO - LGB and Team Property - with scores of men queuing up to play them…
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Competitive Gaming Gains More Momentum

Sponsored content It's been an amazing past few years for the competitive gaming community, because it seems like there's a new article published every other day that shines new light on eSports. And sure enough, one recent headline in particular caught my attention, and it spells even more good news for those of us who…
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