Epic.LAN 42 StarCraft 2 power rankings: Top ten players listed for upcoming UK event

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In this article, Molten shares their StarCraft 2 player power rankings for the upcoming Epic.LAN 42 event, which takes place from July 18th to 21st 2024 at Kettering Leisure Village. Action will be broadcast live on the EpicLAN3 Twitch channel and there will be a Code A tournament for those knocked out in the group stage too.

1. [TSI] RiSky

The 12-time reigning defending Epic.LAN champion. He’ll say he hasn’t played the game at all between tournaments. It won’t matter.

RiSky is always a force to be reckoned with at Epic.LAN and will have his sights set on number 13. He might even treat us to some Protoss off-race in the group stage.

2. [PHeroes] Iba

A third place at last Epic.LAN for the Platinum Heroes Zerg may have come as a disappointment for the Epic 39 champion, his temptation to off-race Protoss getting the better of him.

But with a solid 6,000 MMR under his belt, this young British star is still shining bright! He’s got a fantastic shot at going all the way, but he’ll probably need to get past Figaro (and his Protoss disposition), who edged him out with close 3-1 and 3-2 victories at Epic41.

3.[TSI] Figaro

The Epic40 champion is on a mission to make the finals for the third Epic.LAN in a row. An awesome performance against Iba last time set him up perfectly for the ZvZ final.

Even though RiSky came out on top with a 4-1 victory, this champ’s ZvZ skills are looking sharp.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting showdown at Epic42 – may the best Zerg win!

4. [TSI] Mix

Random player Mix is always a wild card. With his mastery of all three races, you never know how he’s going to Mix (heh) it up.

Even though it’s been a while since his last top four finish in 2017, this smaller edition of Epic.LAN could be just the ticket for a comeback. I expect that the TSI random player will land a top four spot this time around.

5. Djorjx

Making his Epic.LAN debut, Dutch Terran Djorjx is jetting in from the Netherlands to test his skills in Kettering.

Historically, foreigners haven’t had the best luck at Epic.LAN, except for ForJumy’s standout performance at Epic38. It’ll be exciting to see if this grandmaster Terran can shake things up and make a big splash in the UK scene.

6. [RD] Raza

Once an Epic.LAN favorite with three first-place finishes and 10 silver medals, Raza is coming in a bit lower on this power ranking.

His new role as a dad has kept him busy, but don’t count him out just yet! When he’s on his game, Raza is a top four contender without a doubt.

7. [BRS] GamerRichy

The legendary GamerRichy is back at Epic.LAN. He scored third place at last summer’s event and has been keeping his skills sharp since then.

Now, time will tell if Mr. Stimmerson is ready to bring his A-game for Berserker Esports this July.

8. [TSI] Aicy 

5,000 MMR Aicy is hoping to pull off another epic run like he did at Epic40, where he surprised everyone by making it to the final and knocking out Iba and Figaro along the way.

A top 12 finish at Epic41 might just spark a comeback… or maybe not. He’s only played one ladder game in the last 100 days (as of June 15th, when this article was written), so who knows what to expect?

9. [GoldM] Molten

The sole Protoss on this list will be looking to replicate his Epic41 performance, taking out Aicy and Jesu on his way to his first top six finish. Also direly out of practice, it will be tough to see him going too far on this occasion.

He will hope he doesn’t lose to Marsbar in the group stage.

10. [RD] Wiseman

Rounding off our list at number ten is the Red Dragons Zerg Wiseman.

The all-night grinder will battle Molten for least sleep at Epic.LAN 42. And maybe even for a spot in the top eight.

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