Epic 41 esports winners roundup

EpicLAN 41 Valorant intermediate winners GCS Owls

Here’s a roundup of the Epic 41 esports winners from the latest Epic.LAN event in Kettering, including teams in CS2, Valorant and more.

In Counter-Strike 2, The Neighbours, featuring smooya, Dobbo, bevve, Adam9130 and Extinct, beat K10, featuring Yzo, Tree60, Shyyne, Rezst and Sly, with a 2-1 result.

There was more to this story, with Epic.LAN having fined smooya for misconduct at Epic 41.

Outside of this tournament, there was also the CS2 Showmatch featuring French CS veterans kennyS and RpK, who were playing with Team Tradeit against Team Epic.LAN, the latter of which featured a mix of players from the usual Binmen and Grannys Knockers charity matches at Epic.LAN.

kennyS and RpK won the CS2 Showmatch at Epic 41 13-10, with more than £2,500 raised for UK games charity SpecialEffect.

Kenny said after the win: “I was not expecting how it went. I like the UK energy, I like the beers. The energy was not something I was expecting, it was the best showmatch I’ve played, I liked the atmosphere.”

See more in our Epic 41 interview with kennyS and RpK on their visit to the UK and views on CS2 here.

In Overwatch 2, which featured seven teams, The KingFish defeated Grill Masters 4-2 in the final.

In Valorant, Exo Clan took the victory 2-1 over Skelp to become back-to-back champions.

And in the intermediate tournament, student team GCS Owls from Gower College Swansea emerged victorious.

You can read more about GCS Owls at Epic.LAN 41 in our article about the roster published prior to the event here.

Looking to classic RTS title StarCraft II, and Figaro and RiSky went head-to-head in the final, with RiSky winning 4-1 overall to take the title from Figaro.

We also understand Kingling won the osu tournament, which is a rhythm game.

Finally, congratulations to DeeEmmSee aka Tom for winning yet another community champion prize:

We’ll be back with some more interviews and follow-ups from Epic 41 soon.

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