EE and GiantX unveil limited edition Woystone gaming jerseys designed by women for women

Woystone gaming jerseys for women by GiantX and EE

EE, in collaboration with UK and Spanish esports organisation GiantX, have announced the launch of their limited edition gaming jerseys created exclusively by – and for – women in gaming.

The jerseys aren’t available to buy, but there’s a chance to get some at Insomnia Gaming Festival 72 – see further in the article in bold for more info.

Continuing their ‘ambition to become the UK’s number one destination for gaming and to make gaming more inclusive’, EE and the mentees on the EE Power Up Programme, a four-month talent development programme for aspiring women looking to break into the gaming and esports industry, teamed up with Woystone to design the gaming jerseys, specially created to enhance performance and comfort for women during gaming sessions.

It follows ongoing research from the rebel fashion and esports apparel company, Woystone, that highlighted frustration from women with unisex and men’s sizing in esports.

In particular, the research emphasized ‘the importance of a tailored fit that accommodates and showcases curves without jeopardising mobility and focuses on the nuances of women’s bodies and minds’.

Ahead of designing the jerseys, EE, GiantX and Woystone held focus groups with female gamers and members of the Umbra Performance gym in Sussex, finding that comfort and the feel-good factor is paramount in esports wear with over 90% of women emphasising the need for breathable, moisture controlling materials to keep gamers cool.

Nearly four fifths (75%) of the group insisted on highly flexible fabric for movement, while more than 85% of the group sited logo placement as a key consideration with the importance of subtle placement in the chest area – a quality that is often overlooked by designers for jerseys that are targeted predominately for male gamers.

Combining the firsthand experience of the aspiring women gamers in the EE Power Up Programme, with real-life insights and Woystone’s expertise in fashion and esports apparel, the jerseys have been specially designed for women, by women. They have been designed ‘to enhance performance and comfort during gaming sessions, whilst also ensuring the wearer feels and looks great’.

The jerseys feature antimicrobial odour control, aiming to ensure gamers stay fresh and comfortable even during intense gaming sessions. The quick-dry material disperses sweat, while thermoregulation aims to keep gamers cool and comfortable, tested to provide up to 2.5°C/4.5°F cooler experience than conventional materials.

‘With 4D stretch technology, the jerseys also offer dynamic flexibility and comfort, supporting performance on the gaming stage. The advanced features ensure women gamers have the tools they need to succeed, reflecting EE’s dedication to inclusivity in the gaming space,’ according to a press release.  

The jerseys will be showcased for the first time at the upcoming Insomnia Gaming Festival i72, where the EE Power Up Programme mentees will wear them when competing in EE and GiantX’s Valorant Women’s Cup.

“Watching the mentees work on designing the gaming jerseys, drawing from their unique insights and experiences, has been incredibly inspiring. We believe these efforts will empower and instil confidence in women gamers, paving the way for their success in future gaming endeavours.”

Sha Rasti, GiantX

Set to commence on Friday March 29th 2024 at Insomnia the Gaming Festival at the NEC in Birmingham, the two-day event will see the nation’s top emerging gaming talent go head-to-head for their stake of the £10,000 prize pool in a teams-based Valorant tournament.

Across the event, 16 teams will play in a series of Valorant matches, culminating in the final two matches taking place on the Esports Stage on Saturday March 30th.

Additionally, the jerseys will be available as prizes for gaming fans at the EE and GiantX stall at i72, and through social, marking a milestone in EE and GiantX’s combined ongoing effort to make gaming inclusive and welcoming.

Christian Thrane, MD of Marketing at EE, commented: “The EE Power Up Programme was created with the aim of making gaming as inclusive as possible and to help level the playing field for women in gaming and esports.

“Designed by our talented Power Up Programme mentees, the launch of the gaming jerseys further exemplifies both EE and GiantX’s shared commitment to championing inclusivity within the gaming industry. We look forward to seeing our Power Up Programme mentees grace the gaming stage wearing their jerseys at Insomnia72.”

Sha Rasti, Commercial Director at GiantX, added: “Over the past few months, our experienced coaches and players have provided invaluable knowledge and guidance to the Power Up Programme mentees, nurturing their skills in gaming and esports.

“Watching the mentees work on designing the gaming jerseys, drawing from their unique insights and experiences, has been incredibly inspiring. We believe these efforts will empower and instil confidence in women gamers, paving the way for their success in future gaming endeavours.”

EE has developed the Power Up Programme to help women break into the gaming and esports industry. The six aspiring women gamers (Hollie, Kylie, Laura, Tilly, Joanne and Paige) have been on the four-month talent development programme taking part in specially curated modules including a nutrition and wellbeing session with nutritionist, Emily English, and a skills clinic with streamer and professional Valorant player, Jupi.

The first episode of the programme, hosted by presenter, GK Barry, is available to watch on YouTube above, with further episodes going live in the coming weeks.

There’s more info at and

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