Twitch raises subscription prices in the UK

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Streaming platform Twitch has announced it is raising subscription prices in the UK, as well as in Australia, Canada and Turkey.

Emails were sent out to Twitch streamers on Tuesday evening informing them of the changes, which will roll out on March 28th 2024.

Tier one subscriptions will be rising from £3.99 to £4.99 in the UK, from C$6.99 to C$7.99 in Canada, and from A$7.99 to A$8.99 in Australia.

In Turkey, tier one subs will rise from 9.90 to 43.90 Turkish lira, tier two from 19.99 to 87.90 and tier three from 49.99 to 215.90.

Subscriptions allow viewers to support their favourite streamers and gain access to perks like custom emotes and subscriber badges.

Twitch said the changes have been made ‘in order to keep pace with rising costs and local currency fluctuations’.

Existing subscriptions will automatically renew at the new price, and the price rise only applies to subscriptions purchased on desktop or mobile web, not in the Twitch mobile app.

“You will continue to receive the same net revenue share on subs and gift subs, so this price increase means you will receive more per subscription,” Twitch told streamers.

“You’ll keep earning the same amount per Prime sub as you do today until June 3rd when they switch to the published, per country payout rates. ($1.80 per Prime sub in the UK)

“We anticipate there will be additional price changes for other countries this year and will communicate them before they take effect.”

Twitch added in this blog post: “Twitch streamers rely on our monetisation tools to reach their goals and build their communities. Subscriptions are one of the most important ways that viewers support their favorite channels.

“We have not increased channel sub prices since their inception, and many markets saw reduced prices in 2021.”


“We are increasing subscription prices to drive more revenue to our streamers and help make streaming a more sustainable business for them. Streamers will continue to receive the same net revenue share on subs and gift subs, so this price increase allows you to receive more per subscription. The increased revenue per sub that Twitch receives helps us maintain and build for the long-term future of streaming.”

The news comes almost three years after Twitch lowered subscription prices in the UK in 2021, from £4.99 down to £3.99.

Now they’re going back to what they were.

Last month, Twitch cut more than 500 jobs globally, with some staff in the UK affected.

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