Rocket League RSC back-to-back champions Team Hosky sponsor league, prepare to defend Insomnia title

Team Hosky

UK esports organisation Team Hosky say they’re confident of defending their title at i71 after sponsoring separate Rocket League grassroots league RSC.

Team Hosky won the Insomnia 70 esports Rocket League tournament earlier this year, as well as the separate RSC x ERS at i70 too.

They followed this up with a victory over Symbiotes in the grand final of RSC12 Premier earlier this month, to become back-to-back RSC champions, the first team to do so in RSC EU history.

Now Team Hosky have become sponsors of the RSC13 league for the next season, along with fellow UK-based esports org Team Serene.

Rule One, the esports org of SunlessKhan and Incivik, have sponsored RSC12.

When asked by Esports News UK why the team is sponsoring RSC, Team Hosky owner and organisation manager Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Galliani replied: “Because the bubble scene is underappreciated and under-funded, the disparity between the big renowned tournaments and the bubble scene in terms of funding and prizes is astounding.

“Good players aren’t born out of nothing, they cut their teeth in the bubble scene itself and we should always try to support it any way we can for the sake of the entire scene.

“Good players aren’t born out of nothing, they cut their teeth in the bubble scene itself and we should always try to support it any way we can for the sake of the entire scene.”

Gabe, Team Hosky

“All of us in the team hold this belief, and we are just putting our money where our mouths are.

“Not to mention my immense appreciation for Arch and the amount of work he and his team put into RSC. Of course all of this couldn’t have been possible without the help of our main partner”

Team Hosky players on the back-to-back RSC win and upcoming Insomnia tournament – ‘we have confidence, chemistry and mechanics’

Team Hosky players Pluvo (from England, named player of the season for RSC12 Premier), Smashy (England) and Parka (France) also answered the below questions for us.

This comes a week after French player Fleikoo departed the organisation to become a free agent – more on that at the bottom of this article.

How does it feel to become back to back RSC champions?

Team Hosky players: “We think the first win in RSC premier was very good for our third pickup as it was our first interaction with Fleikoo – the fact we won the playoffs coming from the bottom seed was massive for us three, and we knew that the chemistry was there if we stuck it out.

“Coming into the second RSC playoffs, we were even more confident than before – we had results to back up our performances as a team and those results just boosted our confidence even more.

“We knew we had a very good chance of winning so we used that to push through each series. Beating symbiotes in the upper semi-finals really gave us that final belief that we were going to win it back-to-back, as we didn’t feel we were gonna be bracket resetted, so if they won the first series we were still confident that we could take it.”

How do you feel about defending your Insomnia title, what can we expect from you at i71 in Birmingham in September?

Team Hosky players: “We are all very confident about this LAN event, if we make main stage again we have that experience/upper hand on the opposing team. Obviously we still need to take each series, game by game, to make sure we have guaranteed our spot on the main stage as almost every team there will punish us if we make mistakes.

“Us three together have already played before, so we have that chemistry, whereas some of the teams coming into the tournament are just pickup teams (who haven’t played before) so we’ll have that edge on a few teams who will be attending the event.

“You can expect us to punish teams as we have mechanical skill. Also, we are all very confident in each other, which boosts our team morale going into the LAN event.”

Team Hosky on Fleikoo’s departure

The team said in a statement last week: “We bid farewell to our incredible player, Fleikoo, as he embarks on a new chapter in his career. During his time with Team Hosky, Fleikoo achieved remarkable milestones, including reaching Day 3 of RLCS, winning RSC11, Sundays Esport, Ground 8. Making the Rising Stars Odyssey Main Event, Bubble Trubble Main Event and Day 2 of Gamers 8 Qualifiers.

“Fleikoo, your dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment have made a lasting impact on our team. You’ve been a true champion both on and off the field, and we’re grateful for the memories and achievements we’ve shared together. Thank you, Fleikoo, for the incredible moments and for being a part of the Hosky family.”

Read more about the esports news and activities at Insomnia i71 here

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