Xcalibur: UK esports apparel company launches new site and product line, promises to plant a tree for each sale

Xcalibur Apparel logo

UK-based business Xcalibur Apparel has announced a new website and expanded product line, and made an eco-friendly promise.

The apparel company, run by Marc ‘Omni’ Busby of the UKEL and George Spour of Clique Esports, says it’s in the pursuit of ‘establishing a sustainable and prosperous apparel ecosystem for both content creators and teams’.

Xcalibur – which launched just over a year ago – is now showcasing over 150 products, with DTG (direct to garment), embroidered and sublimation processes.

It will also plant a tree for each product sold.

George Spour told Esports News UK: “We’ve patterned with Ecologi, so every time an order is placed on our site we personally pay for a tree to be planted.

“All prizing was done before our partnership as well, so the cost of the tree comes directly out of our pocket and isn’t reflected back onto our clients or their customers. On top of using sustainable garments and recycled materials, it’s just us trying to do our bit.”

Marc added:

In a press release, Xcalibur said that while maintaining its primary focus on B2B operations, it’s introduced an enhanced service for clients who require dedicated storefronts on its platform.

“With utmost dedication to customer satisfaction, we now offer comprehensive customer
service, streamlined order processing, and, of paramount importance, automated
payouts on the first of every month,” Xcalibur said.

“One of our key differentiators lies in empowering our clients to submit custom design
files for DTG, embroidered, and sublimated products. Moreover, in an effort to eliminate
intermediaries in the design process, we have made available a skilled designer
accessible through our user-friendly platform.

“This collaboration takes place seamlessly on our exclusive B2B Discord server, ensuring a direct and efficient interaction between the designer and our valued clients.”

Xcalibur Marc Busby George Spour
Marc ‘Omni’ Busby and George Spour of Xcalibur Apparel

“We are pleased to announce that with every item purchased, Xcalibur Apparel will personally finance the planting of a tree through our partnership with Ecologi.

“This not only enhances the sustainability of our apparel offerings but also underscores our dedication to responsible business practices.”

Xcalibur said it’s targeting cosplayers, artists, the creative community and the esports community with its offerings.

For further information and to explore the product line, visit the newly launched website at www.xcalibur.gg.

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