Miaowiee interview: Rising UK LoL streamer on winning Riot’s Season Stars award for Northern Europe and becoming a Twitch partner

Miaowiee League of Legends streamer wins Season Stars 2023 award
Miaowiee is an up-and-coming League of Legends streamer from the UK who’s starting to make a name for herself, after receiving Twitch partner status, amassing 12,000 followers and winning Riot’s Season Stars 2023 award for Northern Europe, recognising her as a rising content creator who ‘represents the originality and diversity of the League of Legends community’.
Dom Sacco asks Miaowiee about her journey in LoL and streaming so far, what she thinks about the state of the game’s content right now and her plans for the future.

Congratulations on winning Riot’s Season Stars 2023 award for the Northern Europe region! How does it feel to be recognised by Riot in this way?

Thank you! It feels so motivating to be recognised by Riot especially by winning such an insane award – I have been playing League of Legends for a while now and being a small streamer it isn’t always easy getting noticed, so actually having Riot recognise me in their community is so special to me, let alone getting sent a plaque with my name on it!

I also received a lot of love from League of Legends on their social media which made me so happy to see, I love the game and put so much of my time into it, when I’m not streaming I’m still probably playing it with friends, so actually receiving recognition from the game I play daily is so amazing.

Miaowiee recently received the Season Stars 2023 award for Northern Europe

Please tell us about yourself and what you’d like the UK LoL community to know about you. 

My name is Miaowiee on Twitch and I have been streaming for three years. I mainly only stream League of Legends (I have tried with other games but my love for League is way too strong…)

Over my years of streaming I managed to develop a strong community that for the most part is non-toxic, which is pretty impressive considering the game’s playerbase!

I stream every day apart from Fridays and Twitch is my main platform. I also like to do cosplays, which are mainly of League of Legends champions. My favourite champions are Seraphine and Syndra.

A reoccurring theme in my stream is my chat making fun of me for consistently missing my Seraphine ultimates (I don’t know what they’re talking about…)

Your pinned tweet features you cosplaying Kai’Sa. Do you cosplay much/visit any conventions?

I have done a fair few cosplays which are mostly from League of Legends, them being: Ahri, Kaisa (x2) and Nami. I also cosplayed Viper from Valorant.

I unfortunately haven’t visited any conventions but would love to in the future as I really do enjoy cosplays!

Miaowiee has also done some League of Legends cosplay as well as streaming

When did you start streaming – and when did you get Twitch Partner status? 

I’ve been streaming since August 2020, I started when I was pretty fresh to the game and have basically been learning the whole time that I’ve been streaming, so that has been tough sometimes!

I achieved Twitch Partner in May this year and surprisingly managed to get it accepted first try, which is known to be pretty unheard of, especially in the League community.

Please tell us about your background in League of Legends. Is D4 your peak elo?

I got into League around four years ago due to my friends around me being obsessed with the game, getting to the point where I wasn’t even getting a reply!

So I decided I would give the game a try, which was out of character for me as League of Legends did not look like a game I’d usually gravitate towards. But surprisingly I fell in love with the game very quickly and began playing it daily. I started playing ranked in Season 9 not long after discovering the game, to which I started in Bronze playing Neeko midlane.

I still play midlane as my main role but now I mostly play Syndra and Seraphine to which I peaked D4 this season, which I was happy with.

Do you follow esports? If so, do you support/follow and why?

I do enjoy esports, this year I attended MSI 2023 watching G2 against BLG, the game that kicked out G2. This was sad to see as they are my favourite team!

My favourite LoL player is Caps and was happy to see him playing my main champion Syndra this year.

“Being recognised by Riot and getting Twitch partner this year has motivated and uplifted me so much, I feel so inspired to do more with my content – which is another goal of mine: to get my content to a larger audience.”


What sets you apart as a streamer and what can viewers expect from your streams?

My streams are lighthearted and fun, I don’t get angry too much as I like to keep my stream a safe space for my viewers that don’t like toxicity (although it does shine through sometimes)!

My community is very kind and welcoming to new people that come in and I noticed the amount of friendships that are formed in my streams due to the non-toxic environment that has been created.

I also like to include my viewers in my games, mostly playing five-man games with them or occasionally doing custom games. I love to include my community in my stream as we all get along really well!

One of your stream rules is: ‘DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!!!’ – is there a story behind this? At first glance you don’t seem to be a particularly angry streamer! 

In my chat I do have a rule that tells me not to calm down, as although I am normally very calm, I do find myself getting tilted over my ranked games occasionally – and the worst thing ever is when someone in my chat tells me to calm down!

It just makes me feel more frustrated, so I try to prevent that by having it as a rule, which, unfortunately, people still don’t follow. But over the years of streaming I am learning how to not let it get to me and just to relax sometimes, as it’s only a game at the end of the day hahah.

According to Streams Charts, your next most-played game after League of Legends in the past 30 days is Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, and then it’s TFT. What is it about Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures that makes for a compelling viewer experience? Do you stream any other games? 

I unfortunately have never played Wallace and Gromit, one of my moderators set that as the game for some reason! Although, I have played TFT. I find myself getting immersed in the game for a short period of time then getting back to League.

I like to play TFT when I am too frustrated with League to play another game, it is a lot more relaxed!

What are your views on the current state of League of Legends content? 

Right now, I am very happy with the current state of League of Legends. With the new patch there is a new rank which I am now aiming towards and a new LoL game mode named Arena that has a really good response from the playerbase, which I am so addicted to playing at the moment!

Its a 2v2v2v2 mode that reminds me a bit of Nexus Blitz – was my favourite game mode before – but Arena has surpassed it for me. Watching all the streamers play this gamemode and Riot making so much content for it like Fight Night has been so fun to watch, and gives fresh content for League streamers. I hope they continue making fun game modes like Arena.

What are your goals for the future? 

My goals right now are to just hopefully keep growing my community on Twitch, right now I am insanely happy with how much I have grown and I absolutely adore my community – I think they are so funny and they keep me streaming, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to continue if it wasn’t for them.

Being recognised by Riot and getting partner this year has motivated and uplifted me so much, I feel so inspired to do more with my content – which is another goal of mine: to get my content to a larger audience and not just Twitch, as I feel I limit myself to just one platform so that is something I need to work on!

I would love to be included in League of Legends events like Twitch Rivals, that would be really cool!

Good luck with your goals for the future and thanks for your time, Miaowiee!

Follow miaowiee on Twitter and watch miaowiee’s Twitch channel here

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