Excel Esports reach LEC 2023 Season Finals following exceptional run of form as G2 Esports are crowned Summer champions

G2 and Excel at Summer playoffs ahead of LEC 2023 Season Finals

Former teammates Mikyx of G2 Esports and Patrik of Excel Esports enjoy a stare-down ahead of their LEC Summer 2023 Final (photo by Michal Konkol)

UK-based esports organisation Excel Esports have made history by going on their best run in the LEC so far, to reach the LEC 2023 Season Finals.

It’s been a rollercoaster year so far for Excel in League of Legends. Excel finished bottom of the LEC regular season in both Winter 2023 and Spring 2023, then went from extremely disappointing to extremely impressive, reaching third in the LEC Summer 2023 regular season.

London-based org, Fnatic, also made a great turnaround, going from the bottom positions to second in the Summer season.

Excel then went on an incredible run in the LEC Summer 2023 Group Stage, beating Mad Lions and SK to head to playoffs.

There, they took G2 to a five-game series, losing 3-2, before beating Fnatic 3-1 in round two.

Today, they fell to G2 3-0 in the Summer playoffs final. However, it’d be unfair to let that result take away from what they’ve achieved.

Excel described their story this year as ‘without a doubt our greatest comeback’.

Excel have qualified for the LEC 2023 Season Finals, which kicks off on August 19th, with Excel facing Mad Lions.

These two teams will be joined by G2, Team BDS, Fnatic and SK Gaming in the LEC 2023 Season Finals.

The finals will then conclude from September 8th to 10th at the Sud de France Arena, in France’s Montpellier suburb of Pérols.

Excel top-laner Odoamne said: “Losing finals still doesn’t suck any less even if we made this deep run, it’s absolutely shattering.

“Nothing else to say but we got mega outclassed, G2 came back so much stronger and it felt like we didn’t really have good answers into what they were throwing at us. We live and we learn and will look to show up better in Season Finals. Very disappointed but that’s how it goes.”

Mid-laner Abbedagge added: “It really wasn’t the performance that I excepted from myself. Let’s not forget where we came from though. We will prepare for summer finals next. See you there.”

Odo also said before the final: “It’s been incredible, [reaching the LEC 2023 Season Finals] has been a huge weight off of everyone’s shoulders. It’s been a long journey.”

Hear more from Odoamne in this Excel Esports video on his journey.

G2 crowned LEC Summer Split Champions ahead of LEC 2023 Season Finals

As a UK esports site, we can focus on a UK esports org’s amazing turnaround, but credit must of course be given to G2.

They were Europe’s strongest side at MSI 2023 London earlier this year, and followed this up by topping the LEC 2023 Summer Season and winning the LEC Summer Playoffs today.

G2 were also celebrating in another esport today – Valorant – after their women’s team became back-to-back EMEA Game Changers champions.

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