NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs Teams Confirmed

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The NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs are approaching, and the four teams are locked in and ready to do battle this week.

The Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) 2023 Summer regular season is over, with the top four teams progressing to the playoffs. These are:

  1. Verdant (UK)
  2. Nativz (Ireland)
  3. Ruddy Esports (UK)
  4. Nord Esports (Nordics)

The top two sides finished with 11 wins and three losses each, while Ruddy racked up eight wins and six losses, with Nord Esports winning seven and losing seven.

Nord were also named NLC Team of the Week after securing an NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs spot after victories over Vanir and Domino.

Fourth Wall, Domino, Vanir and UniQ finished in the bottom four during the regular season, with the former three each winning five matches and losing nine. UniQ recorded four wins and ten losses.

Looking ahead to the NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs, Verdant will face Nativz at 5pm BST on Tuesday July 25th, while Ruddy will play against Nord on Wednesday July 26th also at 5pm BST.

The semi-final will take place on Tuesday August 1st, while the final will happen on Saturday August 5th.

Last split, in the NLC 2023 Spring, Riddle won both the regular season and the playoffs, before withdrawing from the NLC.

Teams prepare for NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs

Regular season winners Verdant Thrive By Moaning Nature to put in a dominant display throughout the season.

Verdant posted a tweet thanking their team for their hard work and to their followers for supporting them.

Nativz, meanwhile, enjoyed beating Ruddy last week with former Ruddy player DenVoksne turning up the heat.

London rebels Ruddy Esports approached the NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs with a video accompanied with the words: “A chance to redeem the sins of a past Ruddy.”

Nord Esports, meanwhile, tweeted about Coach Nico’s notes ahead of the NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs.

“This will be out bot-laners first ever best-of-five,” the note read. “To prepare them for this, we discussed adapting our scrim format into a full five-game series, however Malau advised against this since we are already doing additional night blocks. Instead, we’ll do a prep talk to explain all the concepts of a best-of-five to them.”

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