NLC 2023 Summer Division 1 team rosters and broadcast talent revealed as new season gets underway: Toaster returns to UK LoL with Ruddy Esports

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It’s that time once again – a new season of UK, Ireland and Nordics League of Legends esports is underway: the NLC 2023 Summer Division 1 split.

The Northern League of Legends Championship has been running for a few years now, and gives teams in Northern Europe a chance to compete at a regional level, below the LEC, with a pathway to the EMEA Masters.

With all the rumours over, teams have confirmed their rosters. Two notable UK changes include UK scene veteran ADC Toaster returning to our shores after playing for several years in different regions and on various teams.

Ruddy have also signed Shihan, a top-laner who was once helped by Caedrel in solo queue after going through a bad time.

Here’s a roundup of rosters and broadcast talent for the NLC 2023 Summer Season.

NLC 2023 Summer broadcast talent

The NLC and UK scene has always been home to a plethora of quality broadcast talent, and while a lot of faces have left over the past year, it’s time for a new team.

Wita is on board as host, and Veteran, Roodood and Eragon are analysts.

The NLC 2023 Summer play-by-play casters are Hiprain, Duckling and Middlecott.

NLC 2023 Summer players / team rosters / announcement posts

The main change this season is UK esports organisation Fourth Wall taking an NLC Division 1 spot, after Division 1 Spring champions Riddle Esports withdrew from the NLC.

This brings the number of UK-based orgs in NLC Division 1 to three (Fourth Wall, Ruddy Esports and Verdant), with one org (Nativz) from Ireland, with the remaining four representing the Nordics.

Here are the NLC 2023 Summer rosters (sourced from the NLC 2023 Season Liquipedia page) and team social media accounts, listed from top to jungle to mid to adc to support.

Domino Esports

  • Spooder (Sweden)
  • Sjakal (Denmark)
  • Clover7 (China)
  • 2Axes (Romania)
  • Snabi (Sweden)
  • Coach: Saiph (USA)

Fourth Wall

  • Molto (Egypt)
  • Yute (Turkey)
  • Erixen (Norway)
  • Blink (Spain)
  • Chemera (UK)
  • Coach: Gary Snail (Sweden)


  • Shikari (UK)
  • Stefan (Serbia)
  • Vladi (Greece)
  • DenVoksne (Denmark)
  • Twiizt (Sweden)
  • Coach: Rnglol (UK)
  • Coach: ScottyMcScoot (Denmark)

Nord Esports

  • Kackos (Poland)
  • Indecision (Bulgaria)
  • OMON (Czech)
  • Hid0 (Malta)
  • Seneca (Sweden)
  • Coach: Malau (France)
  • Coach: Nico (France)

Ruddy Esports

  • Shihan (UK)
  • Zapdo (Germany)
  • Envy Carry (Germany)
  • Toaster (UK/Lithuania)
  • Pui (Romania)
  • Coach: Kami (Luxembourg)

UniQ Esports Club

  • ukko2000 (Finland)
  • Woldjo (Denmark)
  • UniqueCORN (Austria)
  • RustySniper (Sweden)
  • Poopy (Sweden)
  • Coach: ikkine (Finland)
  • Coach: Kira (Morocco)


  • Kitano (France)
  • Pipibaat (Netherlands)
  • Harbo (Denmark)
  • Liam Cole (Denmark)
  • Gaarfield (Romania)
  • Coach: Hebsgaard (Denmark)
  • Coach: Swagnaros (Denmark)


  • Nille (Finland)
  • Taxer (Denmark)
  • Knighter (Denmark)
  • Guubi (Denmark)
  • Wendel (Denmark)
  • Coach: Dan Holt (UK)
  • Coach: ATN (UK)

In terms of a roster tier list for this NLC season, some of the broadcast talent had their say here:

Division 2 and below in the NLC 2023 Summer Season

Check out our separate article here for more teams in the lower divisions of the NLC this split: G2 Hel, Lionscreed, Jlingz and other orgs to play in NLC Summer 2023 lower divisions as official team list is announced.

The NLC 2023 Summer Season Division 1 will be broadcast each Tuesday and Wednesday on the NLCLoL Twitch channel.

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