AUEM 23 winners roundup: German and Turkish teams on top at Amazon University Esports Masters

Dr Buhmann Akademie H among AUEM University Esports Masters 23 winners

Amazon University Esports Masters content in partnership with NUEL

The three winning teams at the Amazon University Esports Masters 2023 LAN in Nottingham, UK, have been named in our AUEM 23 winners roundup.

Germany’s Dr Buhmann Akademie H League of Legends (pictured above) and Rocket League teams from the Dr. Buhmann Schule & Akademie won in their respective games.

And Turkey’s Winx Club from Bursa Uludağ Üniversitesi prevented a German hat-trick after beating Goettlike (from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) in Valorant.

The event, taking place at the Confetti X studio in Nottingham, was broadcast on Twitch and featured six of the best university esports teams: four from Germany, one from Turkey and one from the Netherlands.

Check out more info on the teams in our AUEM 23 Preview here and more detailed info on each final, plus videos and quotes, in our AUEM 23 winners roundup below.

AUEM 23 winners in League of Legends: Dr Buhmann Akademie H

NiceGuyBen, Marth and co steal the show with a 3-0 win over fellow German team AIX Schwer 

Dr Buhmann Akademie H from the Dr. Buhmann Schule & Akademie in Germany put on an entertaining performance in the AUEM 23 finals in Nottingham’s Confetti X today.

Their team, which also plays in the Prime League together (as HNVR aka Hannover Esports), defeated AIX Schwer 3-0 to become the first of three AUEM 23 winners.

While game one and two started off relatively even, Buhmann turned up the heat in the mid and late game, to control the series.

Top-laner NiceGuyBen and ADC (and MVP) Marth were arguably the stars of the show, with Marth’s frightening AP Zeri in game three one-shotting people.

NiceGuyBen pulled off a cheeky back door as Dr Mundo to win game one at around 25 minutes, before transforming into NiceGuyGwen in game two to cause AIX headaches with his constant split pushing. However, he did get caught out a few times and bullied by AIX, but not before constantly giving his thumbs up emoji to the opposition.

It was 9-9 at 15 minutes, and 14-14 at 21 minutes, but a big teamfight ace at Baron at the 22-minute mark saw Buhmann storm ahead. NiceGuyGwen came online then, getting two kills in a 1v4.

“Winning is always great – that’s the reason we came here to Nottingham. There aren’t many reasons to come to Nottingham, I assume. I got a triple kill as Jinx top and was happy. But then I got worse at some point and just started roaming because I couldn’t lane anymore (laughs). But I was really happy with how I played teamfights.”

NiceGuyBen, Dr Buhmann Akademie H

In game three, NiceGuyBen picked Jinx top before getting a triple kill, putting Buhmann 4-1 ahead in the first minute! He then proceeded to die five times in nine minutes in a game that was full of wayward Jinx rockets, carnage and chaos.

NiceGuyBen reminded us of a German Alphari, with his dry humour (saying on stage in his winners interview they came here to Nottingham to win, ‘because there’s not much else to do here’), and also his confidence and style of play also reminded us of an early Kerberos, who has also torn up the NUEL university LoL scene back in the day.

Lastly, credit must be given to AIX Schwer as the 3-0 didn’t reflect the hard work they put in and how close they were to Buhmann for large parts of the series. They had a solid early game but weren’t able to get those pivotal late game moments that Buhmann capitalised on.

Check out our interview with Dr Buhmann top-laner NiceGuyBen here:

AUEM 23 Rocket League winners: Dr Buhmann Akademie H

German team showed great mentality to turn around a 2-0 deficit to Amsterdam Carball Esports

Dr Buhmann Rocket League Team 2023

Dr. Buhmann Schule & Akademie must be so proud of their esports teams this weekend, as not one, but two of their teams became AUEM 23 winners at the finals in Nottingham.

Germany’s Dr Buhmann’s Rocket League team beat Netherlands’ Amsterdam Carball Esports 4-2 in a best-of-seven final.

They showed great resilience to turn things around after Amsterdam won the first two games, in a thrilling series overall.

The Dr Buhmann Rocket League team have an astounding record now, having won several tournaments already this year including the Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) 2023 World Championship.

Dr Buhmann player Zeddo told stage host GreyHart after the match:

AUEM 23 Valorant winners: Winx Club

The third and final AUEM 23 winners were representing Turkey, and prevented a German hat-trick of wins by beating Goettlike 3-0

winx club valorant uem

Turkey’s Winx Club from Bursa Uludağ Üniversitesi have been crowned the Amazon University Esports Masters 2023 champions in Valorant.

They beat Goettlike 3-0, after an incredibly close first game that went way into overtime, with Winx Club winning 19-17 on Ascent.

They then won 13-9 on Lotus and 13-5 on Bind to seal the victory and take the win.

We caught up with Winx Club coach Shino and player Flexxin after the match.

Shino told Esports News UK: “We’re the undefeated champions of Europe in the Amazon University Esports Masters, and this is a great achievement for us because we’ve come on a long journey since 2022.

“We’ve been playing non-stop in tournaments. First of all we became undefeated Turkish champions. We haven’t dropped a single map.”

Flexxin added: “I’m happy because we won, I’m grinding every day for a win. When I join tournaments, I need to win. So I’m doing my best every time, and I have a trophy now!”

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