Espergærde Esport win NLC Last Chance Qualifer to reach Division 2 Spring 2023 as league’s ten teams are confirmed

Espergærde esport

Danish organisation Espergærde Esport have won the Last Chance Qualifier in the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC).

They finished first out of 16 teams in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), beating Lazy in Life 3-1 in the final to progress to Division 2 of the Spring 2023 NLC, which gets underway this Thursday (February 16th 2023).

Others teams in the qualifier included Nord academy team Nord Stream, Paragon, Visu Gaming, Hydras Esports and G2 Hel, G2’s women’s League of Legends team, who reached the quarter finals and will now play in Division 3.

Espergærde Esport consist of the following players: MyCash (Czech, top), Bobas (Denmark, jungle), Pomo (Finland, mid), L1nops (Denmark, ADC) and Grisen (Denmark, support).

They celebrated their victory with the following tweet:

There’s more info including match results on the NLC 2023 Spring Division 2 Last Chance Qualifier Liquipedia page.

Espergærde Esport are one of ten teams in NLC Division 2

In qualifying for NLC Division 2, Espergærde Esport will go head to head with other teams from this Thursday.

These teams include 42 Gaming, Anima, Munster Rugby Gaming, Guarp Gaming, Invulnerables, Thundr, Lindqvist Lightside, Venomcrest and Fourth Wall, a UK esports organisation set up by former X7 staff and org owners who plan to run regular events in London.

NLC shared the full team line-up on Twitter:

These teams including Espergærde Esport will compete in the hopes of reaching NLC Division 1, whose Spring 2023 teams were confirmed a couple of months ago.

As previously reported, Division 2 will not have an official broadcast, but teams are free to broadcast their matches on their own channels.

The NLC is of course the EMEA Regional League for League of Legends esports teams in Northern Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Nordics and also Malta.

Last year, the NLC was demoted to a non-accredited EMEA Regional League, and earlier this year, was appointed operator of NLC leagues for 2023.

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