Mina Mendes announces Miami CoD LAN event with Florida Mutineers, becomes co-owner of UK esports org Aw0babobs

Mina Mendes Florida LAN Awobabobs

Esports tournament host and model Mina Mendes is back with another tournament – a Miami CoD LAN – and has become a co-owner of a UK-based esports organisation.

Miami CoD LAN

Mina Mendes is teaming up with Call of Duty League team, the Florida Mutineers, and After Dark Esports, for a Miami CoD LAN taking place this month.

The Call of Duty Warzone LAN event will feature 16 teams competing in 2v2 matches for a $5,000 prize pool, with casters including Gojj and Doug from Modern Warzone, which has more than 700,000 followers on Twitter.

Teams are from currently from seven different countries, and there are UK players involved including London Royal Ravens streamer Jukeyz, as well as Lenun, who has won tournaments in the past including the World Series of Warzone.

The news comes after Mina Mendes invited UK CoD talent Fifakill, Jukeyz, Angelika, EmZ and more to a $250,000 Warzone LAN in Dubai. The model hosts regular tournaments in Warzone and the Miami CoD LAN event is the latest.

Mina Mendes told Esports News UK: “I’m happy to team up with the Florida Mutineers and After Dark Esports to have the chance to do this event for the Warzone Community. I’m looking forward to more in the future.”

Aw0babobs co-ownership

Mina Mendes has become a co-owner of UK-based esports organisation Aw0babobs, with the other co-owner being Aw0ba.

Aw0babobs have two Call of Duty Challenger teams and are also involved in Warzone, Halo and Valorant.

Mina told Esports News UK they aim to expand to different games soon.

The announcement was made in late January 2023:

The news comes just over a month after Mina Mendes announced her EXM Esports org.

Mina told Esports News UK that EXM has merged with Aw0babobs, so her EXM team is now representing Aw0babobs.

We’ll update this article should Aw0babobs expand into other esports in the future.

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