UK CoD trio win World Series of Warzone

world series of warzone

An all-UK Call of Duty trio have reigned triumphant in the latest World Series of Warzone EU tournament.

The trio consisted of Luminosity streamer WarsZ, Quadrant streamer Fifakill and London Royal Ravens streamer and Red Bull athlete, Jukeyz.

The competition featured a $300,000 prize pool overall, and the UK trio took home $50,000, or around $16,666 each.

They racked up a score of 148, ahead of second-place LouiCM, Lenun and Vapulear from Team Delirium who achieved 126, according to Dexerto.

There were two aspects to the World Series of Warzone Europe tournament – the $200,000 trio placements and a $100,000 captain’s cup.

Five captains known in the CoD scene – Recrent, Gotaga, Angelika, Emzy and Moonryde – were tasked with drafting a team of trio squads. There were five teams of 10 trios (or 30 total players per team) in total. Each captain’s team scored based on the aggregate point total of its 10 trio squads.

The winning UK trio were part of Team Recrent in the Twitch Rivals World Series of Warzone. Team Recrent finished with the most kills overall in the tournament at 437, ahead of second-place Team Gotaga who had 412.

WarsZ, Fifakill and Jukeyz were over the moon to have won.

Jukeyz also revealed some impressive Twitch viewership figures following his stream. He racked up almost 200,000 live views and more than 50,000 unique viewers on Twitch.

Two weeks ago, second-place Team Delirium won the separate $75,000 EU Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: Warzone tournament.

Jukeyz also had some kind words for Team Delirium’s Lenun. He said: “So proud of lil Lenny too. The kid has come a long away and it’s just the beginning – can’t wait for my lil bro to just keep getting better and to take over one day. Keep it up kiddo, keep making your family proud.”

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